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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Closed For Repairs

Time for some maintenance.  The R90S, the blog, or me?  Probably all three.  We all have high miles and are in need of some rejuvenation.


RichardM said...

That R90S looks immaculate. What kind of maintenance does it need?

mq01 said...

take your time and be sure to enjoy that tuneup, doug! ;)

Trobairitz said...

Rest and relax, we'll be here when you get back.

Theo van der Meulen said...

Doug, looking forward to you getting some miles on the Beemer

Greybeard said...

My wife and I are wintering in Gilbert. I called our mutual friend Stu O. and we've gotten a couple rides in over the last weeks.
I'm not sure how close you might be to him, but he's hurt his back again and informed me via email today he won't be able to get out on two-wheels for awhile... may even need surgery once again.
Hope to see you active here again soon. I enjoy your posts.

Doug Klassen said...

GB, Thanks for the note. Sorry to hear about Stu O. I'm a good ways south of him but sometimes bump into him at the Sat. night Pavilions car/bike gathering up in Scottsdale. Sorry to hear Stu is gimped up at the moment; I know from sad experience that back issues are no fun at all.

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