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Monday, March 10, 2014

Review: Why We Ride - The Movie

Why We Ride is the first really good general interest bike movie since On Any Sunday came out more than forty years ago.  My friend Dave bought the WWR DVD and brought it over to watch on my big screen TV. 

WWR was a nice movie and more relevant for "modern" viewers than On Any Sunday is now.  We watched OAS right after it and the contrasts in style and storytelling were interesting. OAS came out at a time when dirt riding was still getting big in the US and flat track motorcycle racing was THE big form of motorcycle sport in the US, so it fit the times.   Dave, who had never seen On Any Sunday, saw it mostly as "a racing movie" and thinking about it, I believe he's right.

The big advantage of WWR over OAS is that it shows a much wider perspective of the motorcycle sport.  Why We Ride does give a broader looked the world of street riding, for instance, that was missing in On Any Sunday.These days the sport of motorcycling is different, perceived differently by the public, and so the two movies are decidedly different to my eyes.  

I found On Any Sunday was much more fun and more entertaining --I've watched it over 50 times now -- but I did enjoy WWR despite some tedious interviews that seemed to have no point and the movie's general lack of a storyline.  It was nicely filmed and the visuals were great eye candy. WWR drags a bit in places, the director seems in love with slow motion shots even when there is no purpose to them.  Motorcycles are often about speed and sometimes you have to really show that speed. 
So, despite it's few short comings, do take the time to see Why We Ride, you can find it sometimes in special theater screenings or you can buy the DVD or even download the movie.  Big screen would be more fun that shown on a TV, motorcycles are big enough for the big screen and often diminished a bit by the small one.   And if you have some non-riding friends or family who just don't understand why you ride, it's a good movie to show them, better even in that respect than On Any Sunday.


Trobairitz said...

I agree - if someone can see WWR on a big screen it is worth it. I don't think it would be the same on a TV.

I don't understand why when the reviews first came out people were comparing it to OAS, as I don't think they were really the same type of movie/documentary.

WWR is good if you take it for what it is and haven't bought into the hype that it is the be all end all of motorcycle movies/documentaries.

Dan Diego said...

I echo your sentiments. I posted a review on my site after watching this movie with a bunch of fellow motorcycle enthusiasts last year:


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