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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Save The Motorcycles

I look through Craig's List motorcycles section almost every day to see unusual bargains, rare bikes, and so many cool things that I
can't afford.  There amongst the endless ads for overpriced Harleys, ugly choppers, cafe racers and bobbers that aren't, and handicapped mobility scooters, are the butchered bikes.  It's gut wrenching sometimes.   You can't look away fast enough, the image of hacksawed fenders and entire bikes painted with BBQ black is trapped in your mind.

Decent bikes that might have been saved now publicly displayed neutered and maimed, their pipes sloppily wrapped with hideous brown pipe wrap.  Where is the justice?

Don't let this keep happening to good little motorcycles, ordinary motorcycles, who never hurt anyone.  Put down the rattle cans, stop truncating seats to uselessness. Wrapping pipes with pipe wrap won't make a slow bike faster.

The guys at Ichiban Moto have seen it too and decided to do what they could to get the word out:  Stop the madness:


SonjaM said...

It's heart breaking. I would adopt one of those poor things on the spot. Thanks for sharing.

Trobairitz said...

Craigslist can make you laugh and make you cry. Somedays it is a real mixed bags of tricks, but it is sad how many butchered bikes are on there.

Unknown said...

Thank you for supporting the cause and getting the word out

rick said...

I agree. I think it's hilarious to see a bike described as a bobber; because the front fender is missing.

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