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Saturday, October 05, 2013

GoAZ Motorcycles Vintage Bike Event

Last Sunday GoAZ Motorcycles hosted their first, and hopefully annual, vintage bike event.  The dealership is a premium location
consisting of very nice modern campus with three large, separate show rooms plus it's own riding and demo area out back.

If you've heard of GoDaddy.com, the very big domain hosting and registration company, you might have heard of Bob Parsons.  Parsons is a long time motorcycle enthusiast and out of his success bought Scottsdale BMW (motorcycles).  To that he added a Honda franchise, Kawasaki franchise, Triumph, KTM, Ducati, Ural, and finally, Harley-Davidson.  The furrin' brands have been relocated to their own plush facility described above.  Parsons sold GoDaddy.com sometime back for more money than the biggest Lotto jackpot ever and seems now to have devoted himself to motorcycles and some very worthy charity work.  Gotta admire that kind of priority.

GoAZ Motorcycles

GoAZ has a growing calendar of events for it's customers and local riders and the vintage event is part of a busy fall schedule.  Naturally I went.  I bought my Gold Wing from GoAZ and they treated me right so I was happy to revisit the store and look at vintage bikes.

I'd heard that they had fifty vintage bikes pre-entered and it looked to me like a good many more than that showed up.  Interestingly, it was a somewhat  different selection of bikes than what I've seen each year at the annual AACME I've attended for many years now.  I have to wonder if vintage bike people didn't get the word, didn't take this event seriously, or just didn't want to help promote a different event.  No matter, if GoAZ does this event each year, expands it, and refines it, it will likely become the vintage bike event in Arizona.  One thing GoAZ knows how to do is promote and that's something about which many vintage clubs don't have a clue.
So there I was, bright and early with my trust Nikon in hand.  The setting was nearly ideal for photography, nice light, some open shade courtesy of the pretty architectural canopies that cover the courtyard at the middle of the dealership.  A few old bikes were in place already and more trickled in as the morning went on.

To my dismay the organizers chose to put entrant labels on the headlamp of each motorcycle.  This makes for unsightly images and no way to fix them.  I shot around it as best as I could but lots of nice photos I took were compromised by an ugly sheet of white paper scotchtaped to a headlamp.  Hey GoAZ guys, next time use stiffer paper and place it in a slotted chunk of 2x4 on the ground next to the bike like the AACME guys do:

Like this

Not like this

Anyway, it was a fine event, a good time, they even served FREE hot dogs at noon.  Can't beat that.  Here's a few photos from the event:
Nose for speed: The front end of a Triumph T120 powered Bonneville racer

The 1914 Harley was known as "The Silent Gray Fellow."  Quite the opposite of modern Harleys.

In all respects there were more Brit and Italian bikes in evidence than Harleys.

The unusual color of the 1968 BMW R50 is factory original

Hard to believe this 1990 Ducati 900 Supersport is now 23 years old and almost considered a classic
1969 Triumph Daytona cafe racer.  Kind of cobby and probably closer to how it was in '69.

1974 BMW R90S.  Probably the nicest one I've seen since I bought mine new in 1973. 
I'd have traded this guy straight across for my Gold Wing.


Something for everybody.  A Kawasaki 500cc triple street tracker.  I'd like one of these too, please.
1970 Ducati 450cc Scrambler. 

This 2007 customized Ural Gear UP was entered in the cafe racer class.  I'm guessing it didn't win
but people did enjoy seeing one of the nicer done-up Urals running around.
Meet Dawn, the founder of the new Howlers Vintage Japanese motorcycle club.
She was one of the most enthusiastic riders I met that day. That's her Yamaha RD cafe
bike she's customizing herself.

More pictures to come!


Trobairitz said...

I think you managed to take some great pictures even with the paper on the headlights.

That is a bad habit they do here at the vintage shot. They always seem to be on the headlight or windscreen.

I'm looking forward to more pics. Thanks for sharing.

mq01 said...

i have always been bugged by the sticker on headlights... i dont understand it.

the 1914 silent gray fellow is fabulous! its sooooo clean!!

Vintage King Motor Sports said...

Looks like a great time wish I was there thanks for sharing this.

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