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Monday, July 15, 2013

The Time Draweth Nigh

I sold my V-Strom back in January, bought the Nikon D600, and have been humming right along bikeless but for the old junk Bultaco in the backyard.  But as you might guess, bike fever is starting to take hold.  Here in the depths of summer confinement I can see just over the horizon the beginning of Fall riding season here in Arizona where the riding season is backwards from the rest of America.

So the big debate between my head, my heart, and my pocketbook begins for the 47th time in my 47 years of riding: What bike should I buy?


Trobairitz said...

Ooooh decisions decisions.

Never easy to find that right combination of what the heart wants, what the head says we should buy, and what the pocket book says we can afford.

So......what models are you thinking?

mq01 said...

decisions, decisions... :)

Canajun said...

Whatever you decide it will be great just to get back on two wheels.

Anonymous said...

Partly depending on your budget,I've always found the bike you can't take your eyes off of seems to be the winner.

Jac Brown said...

A modest suggestion.

I don't remember you ever having owned a Goose.

Hmmn.... Older ones are cheap. Reliable, or so they say. Like the Italian cousin of a Harley. Like the air head (air cooled) brother of an Aprilia.

Just a thought.

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