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Friday, January 11, 2013

The 40on2 Fall Photo Contest Winner!

Yes, friends, countless Forty Years On Two Wheels readers lured by fame and fortune sent in photos to for the big 40on2 photo contest.   Okay, the number wasn't countless, a few readers did.  Brave souls all, as submitting photos to a contest can be a little scary.  After all, who wants to be judged by anyone for anything?   The first two times I entered a photo contest I won so I've never entered another, I'm going out on top and batting 1000.

Let's look through the submissions and then get to the winner last.  Photos are clickable if you wish to see them in a larger size.

 Dale S. sent in a candid shot of his ride on the west coast.  Last time I saw Dale he was about 9 years old and his dad and I raced dirt bikes together.  Dude, you got old!  Where did the time go?

Keith B. sent in a biker's lament sort of photo, especially fitting for this time of year.  All geared up and snow on the ground.  Brrr...I saw snow in a movie once, close enough for me.

 Trobairitz sent along this nice shot of a road trip stop in Oregon next to a Conestoga wagon or "prairie schooner."  I had no idea those things were that big..or are they riding minibikes?

 Art W. offered up a nice POV shot of his wife Judy entering Canyonlands National Park on her Yamaha VStar.  Art and his wife are avid riders of small displacement motorcycles.  From an e-mail Art sent me regarding my blog entry "Thinking Small":   "My wife and I started riding in 2011....took the safety course in CA then took off for Thailand where we purchased two Honda Waves 125cc scoots and rode them around Southeast Asia for 7000mi. returned to CA and bought Yammy VStars 250cc and have put over 24,000 on them in 18 months. Just completed a 10,000mi tour of the western states and Canada. We love our little motos!"  

On the other side of the planet, long time 40on2 reader Prateek S sent in a glaring photo taken early morning somewhere in the deserts of Rajasthan state in India.  (Prateek had a blog about his rides on his Royal Enfield, but I can't find it, did you take it down, friend?)

Doug U. sent in a shot that at first seems to lack a motorcycle until you look at the weather vane on the top of his barn.  Cool.  And a nice sunset shot.  If I had a barn I'd get myself one of those weather vanes.

And finally.....drum roll please...


Sent in by Steve W. down under in New Zealand, it is a very nice shot done with his cell phone camera.  See, you don't have to have an expensive camera to take a nice picture (I won't name names here 'cause I'd have to name myself).   All you have to do is frame the shot well, get the sun in the right spot, get the horizon level, and click!  

The scene is the Cold Kiwi Rally on the North Island of New Zealand.  Mt. Ruapehu is in the background.  The subject matter, a vintage Triumph triple in a campground, makes the story.  A modern bike sitting there would have been just another bike in a campground although it still would have been a nice shot.  Good photos should tell a story even if the viewer doesn't know much about the image.  

So congrats, Steve, your $50 gift code to Jafrum.com will be e-mailed to you shortly.  Given the distance to your country it may only cover the postage but hey, you won!

Thank you to all who took the time to enter!  It was fun getting the photos and fun corresponding a bit with you.


Trobairitz said...

Thanks for putting on the contest Doug. I am glad you received so many great photos.

I think the most creative is Keith B's, looking out of the garage. It's atypical and thinking outside the box.

Doug Klassen said...

Trobairitz, I agree, it was the most creative. But in my head he lost points because the snow outside is barely discernible, it might have just been a bright, sunshiny day.

From a technical standpoint, if Keith had simply switched on the flash on the camera the system would have balanced the lighting differently and the snow would have been been more clearly seen.

Drifter said...

Hey Doug, Yes I have taken the blog down. I did it to redesign the pages but never got around to doing it. I think in the end I will put it up in the original shape itself :).

the rider said...

Hey Doug greetings from a fellow 40 on 2 rider, I came across your blog while checking my place on George's blog list. Interesting stuff, I'll be back, by now you have surely decided what it is going to be; another bike or another camera?? I wouldn't want to be without my bike yet, still too young!

WooleyBugger said...

Nice final shot, though I did enjoy all of the ones shown.

GF said...

All great shots, sorry I missed it.
The last one is nice. Agree with the snow not being seen.

Dirt Bike Accessories said...

He deserved it. The background is great, and the angle is just perfect..I have to ask which phone was that?

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