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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

But It's A Dry Heat

indoor / outdoor thermometer above my desk

I'm sitting here eating a popsickle.  A banana popsickle, my second most favorite after root beer popsickles.  Motorcycle friends in the colder climes often say to me "You're lucky, in Arizona you can ride all year round!"  Well, you can operate a motorcycle all year round in Arizona but when it's summer and 116° outside and 83° indoors with the A/C on I'll skip the operating because it's only a form a torture, not actual riding.  People can talk all they want about cooling vests and such.  Sorry, not buying it. It's miserable riding in this kind of heat and all the gadgets short of an air conditioned car only make it less miserable -- but it's still miserable.

The V-Strom currently sits in the garage, connected to the BatteryTender, and awaiting new rear brake pads. It's 94° inside the garage. I'm probably getting soft in my old age.  Oh well. Maybe next month.  In the mean time, the freezer is still full of popsickles.

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