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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Eight Isn't Enough

Coolidge, AZ at sunset.  2004

Some how some way it seems that I have now completed eight years of blogging here. I like to think it's a testament to my persistence, the volume of words in my head, the constant adulation of the teeming masses who read my sage writings and lionize me, but in fact that's all nonsense, I just can't seem to quite stop writing.

Speed up, slow down, come to a temporary stop, but I keep writing, photographing, and twelve or so regulars keep showing up to read. Thank you. Sometimes as life has kicked me in pants yet again a ride on the motorcycle and a couple of positive comments on the resulting blog entry have provided a much needed ego boost. My needs are simple (apart from the incessant motorcycle buying).

For me the pictures have become as important a part of the blog for me as the writing, I normally spend more time fiddling with getting photos to present here than I do the writing. Sometimes that shows.  Words are easy to spill out. Good words are a little tougher though. Great words nearly impossible but I remain hopeful that whatever the next entry is, it will resonate and the readers will grow silent as they persue them and then roar with praise as the full impact of finely crafted paragraphs touches them. Uh huh...

Pictures...the one above is a shot that I took at this time back in '04 using a Nikon CoolPix of some sort. Nice little camera but a far cry from my Nikon D90 or Olympus PEN now.  I wanted to do a special shot for this blog entry but it's been 106° - 110° degrees all week and I just didn't feel like venturing out on the bike. I am getting weak, I guess.  Or smart.  So a recent shot, taken with the Olympus E-PL1 to bookend the one above from eight years ago:

V-Strom 1000 at Coolidge Airport.

Eight years?  Who'd a thunk it?  Thank you for your kind attention.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


I was rummaging through my accumulated bike photos and ran across the one above and thought I'd pass it along.  It was one of those shots that I didn't notice at the time but in retrospect decided I liked.  Taken in 2004 with a Nikon D70.

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