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Friday, May 18, 2012

More Help From My Friends

A few months back I commented on the declining sartorial splendor of my personal day-to-day garments, the despair into which my daily choice of dress had fallen, that is to say, my motorcycle t-shirt selection was in tatters.  In sympathy, my old friend Jac, over at Lehman Hill blog, came through with a special Harley t-shirt for me which, unfortunately, leaked oil on my garage floor.

A little later (yes, I'm tardy in writing this) Bobskoot, the sandal wearing photographer, Master of Eggs Benedict, and proprietor extraordinaire at Riding the Wet Coast blog, arranged another t-shirt for me, this time a select event model from the vintage Cannonball Run coast-to-coast ride for pre-1930 bikes.  Bob knew I wasn't much given to the flaming-skeletons-riding-a-chopper motif  and selected something properly tasteful and vintage looking for me.  Bob's a classy guy.  He wrote "I have to make sure you have decent clothes to wear, can't have you riding without some form of cotton protection."  

As Bob lives in the exotic and frozen land of British Columbia, Canada, and to make mailing easier since the shirt started life in the USA anyway, he passed the shirt off to Brad at Troubadour on a Tiger blog for mailing to me.  In due course the shirt arrived and now graces my manly and newly svelte physique.  No, you can't see a picture of me naked but I have lost weight.

One of the very best parts of blogging is the people we connect with through the blogs. I hope one day I get a chance to meet Bob and Brad in person.  

Thank you Bob and Brad.  You guys are the best.


Troubadour said...

No thanks necessary, it was all Bob. I simply sent it on its way to you... that and stopping Bob from turning your t-shirt into one of his famous tank tops. ;)

Unknown said...


Just got back into Town. I am really glad you liked it, can't have you wearing rags can we ? either that or you'll have to show your bulging muscles

Riding the Wet Coast
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Camilla Jessop said...

Dear Douglas,

I'm quite sure you didn't need to lose weight as you seem to have a very manly figure. Not that I am an expert in such matters.

But my eye was drawn to the photo behind the T-shirt - is that you on the scrambler? And the engine from which the shirt is hung; would it be a Harley 'Hummer' engine perchance? At first I thought it must be the venerable Villiers but then I realised that not only is the exhaust port on the wrong side, but so too is the kick-starter - a left hand kick-start lever is not so common and I could only think of the Hummer or, perhaps, Bultaco? Do tell.

Doug Klassen said...

Brad & Bob I'm glad the t-shirt didn't show up turned in a tank top, that's not my style at all as to show so much of my manly frame might cause the ladies to swoon. Anyway, I'm just glad Bob sent a t-shirt and not sandals as my one pair is doing fine but the t-shirt collect continues to slide.

Doug Klassen said...

Ms. Camilla, As always your comments bring grace to my humble blog. Your keen eye for all things motorcycle was nearly right on. The engine is not a Harley "Hummer" but in fact is a 100cc Bultaco motor from my 1970 Sherpa S. Yes, that rakish fellow in the old photo is yours truly back in the day when I was young, skinny, and had all my hair. I was astride my very first racing bike, a Bultaco Sherpa S 100cc. I was fast in those days, so very fast -- but few, most especially the dozen or so riders who always finished ahead of me, realized it.

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