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Saturday, April 07, 2012

28th Annual Antique & Classic Motorcycle Show

Indians in a row:  A 1946, a '43, and a '48 Chief.  I wonder about the '43,
that would have been from the war years and I thought all the production
was given over to police and military use. 

 I headed off once again to the annual vintage bike event up in Phoenix.  I missed it last year so this time around I was determined to go and I wasn't disappointed.  There was a nice crop of bikes and many I'd not seen in the past.

This nice Harley was sitting out in the parking lot.  I would look better in my garage but I've not won the lottery.

 The very nice, almost original, 1970 Honda CB750 is a one owner bike.  I spoke to the owner who had left the bike at a local shop known for it's tuning and restoration efforts.  While in the shop they managed to put some serious scratches in the top of the gas tank necessitating a repaint of the tank and side covers.  As the say goes "They can only be original once."

An unusual machine when you stop an look at it.  The above bike isn't just an old Harley turned into a bobber but a 1954 K-model flat track racer turned into a street bike.  Very cool machine with a lot of nice touches combining the cobby look of a racer with the some nice finish and detail work.  See below.

For the Brit bike fans, above is a 1968 BSA 650 Firebird Scrambler.

And now one of those esoteric retro shots I like.  A pair of aging fiberglass saddlebags I saw at the swap meet part of the event.  

If you haven't had enough, the rest of the photos from the day are here.


Trobairitz said...

What a great event. I love going to the vintage shows. Ours is in May.

Beautiful photos. Great detail and angles. Love the Honda CB 750.

Road Captain said...

You are getting dangerous with that camera. Great pics!

Doug Klassen said...

Thanks for the comments guys. The Palm Sunday show is the biggest one here in AZ and there is a small Euro bike only show in January. Slim pickings for vintage events here in AZ. If there are others, they are well hidden.

Katelynn Woodbury said...

This is what’s great about attending various motorcycle shows. You always find something amazing in each event. It’s nice because it gives you a chance to see bikes you might haven't seen before, and that’s definitely a wonderful addition to your experiences! ;)

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