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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Casa Grande Motorcycle Swap Meet 2011

Why do people put OBO?  Why not just say
how much you really want for it?
 Sunday was my third time visit to the Casa Grande motorcycle swap meet and it was definitely worth the $5 to get in.  The turn out in vendors and people was smaller this year and there seemed to be more junk and fewer bikes, maybe a sign of the weak economy which is even weaker in Arizona.   From a browser's standpoint it was thin pickin's.

I'd thought to refill my threadbare wardrobe of motorcycle t-shirts but couldn't even find a proper Bultaco t-shirt worth buying.  The event is predominately a Harley thing and but in the past there's been a smattering of Brit bikes to add some interest.  Even a Norton t-shirt would have been welcome.  There was a booth this year for BMW adventure rentals and it seemed a little out of place.   

I didn't even take that many pictures but here's some shots of the high points.

One man's treasure
While I tend to focus on the cool bike stuff there might be to look at, meeting and talking to the people is still half the fun.  A lifetime around bikes has taught me that I'd rather be around scruffy motorcycle people any day than people wearing suits and ties.   I was snapping photos of some stuff in one booth (not the one above) when one of the young guys hollered "$5 for a photo!"  I looked up from the camera and said "Of you? You gonna take your clothes off?  I can sell the picture for more money if you take your clothes off."  His looked flustered, taken aback; his buddies busted up laughing while he mumbled something about meaning for the bike part picture.

I forgot to ask the year and model on this knucklehead.  Perhaps one of you H-D riders will know and I'll add a proper caption.

Same H-D, different view and in black & white.

I like to imagine the story behind some of the bikes and parts.  I'm guessing this story didn't have a happy ending.  A big grind moving forward, then a quick 90° as the bike went further over.

An H-D saddle bag has given it's all.

Accessories on a well worn Kawasaki 1500 Drifter

Bikes in the parking lot were as interesting as anything in the swap meet. Here's a Kawasaki who's owner has a sense of humor.

The '70s era choppers seem to be starting a small revival.  The perverse part of me thinks that looks like a fun ride but not for very far.

Speaking of rides, I've solved the "replacement bike" problem I created for myself.  No, it's not a chopper, not a Harley, not a bobber, not a cafe racer, not a Gold Wing or Italian bike, and not a Brit bike (although I tried to make that last one happen to no avail).  More to come as soon as I have proper pictures.


Anonymous said...

That vintage Harley at top could tell some stories

Tell us what you got!

Unknown said...


You have a way with hanging cliffs . . .

Riding the Wet Coast

mq01 said...

i always love your black & whites, but that green is outstanding! original maybe? looks like smooth metal showing underneath? unfortunately i dont have pics of my dads old knuckles so ive got no reference/info that i could share. maybe willyD or caveman?

cant wait to hear the bike update!

Derek said...

Absolutely beautiful Knuckle.

FLHX_Dave said...

I've got a primary cover that looks like that one. Ok Doug, we have to get out there next time for this deal.

Everytime we have a bike swap around here it's just a bunch of homemade knick knacks. Old bike parts that have been turned into cute planter boxes or mail boxes. Friggin' annoying.

Awesome picts!

Drifter said...

I thought you wanted a "new" bike by this wednesday for a ride with your friend Keith? :)

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