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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Acting Impulsively

I did it again.  With little thinking involved (and I'm usually much better about that) I stuck an ad on Craig's List for my 1600 Kawasaki two or three weeks ago.  I'd sorta kinda been thinking about moving the bike along since I wasn't really in love with it.  Nice bike, very nice, but something was lacking.  I put 2000 miles on it though.  So with too little cogitation involved I placed an ad with a couple of pictures.  Made very little effort to write something wonderful or even use a nice selection of pictures and link to more as I usually do.  Minimal selling effort involve.  No trades, no checks, bring cash, take bike.  And I priced the bike Kaw at $500 more than I paid for it.  Maybe something will happen, maybe not.  Whatever.

Naturally the ad got an immediate reply from a scam artist which was duly deleted.  A couple of weeks went by and I'd practically forgotten about the ad.   Then I got an e-mail from someone who seemed pretty interested.  Wanted to come look at it at 9:30 the next morning.  Drat, that means getting up early.  Blah.  Okay, fine.   I promised myself I wouldn't negotiate on the price, if the bike was going to go it would go for the asking price or stay in my garage; I sorta kinda decided that I didn't really want to sell it anyway.   So the buyer came out, loved the bike, didn't test ride it, never even made me a lower price offer.  After the usual paperwork mumbo jumbo the bike rolled off with it's new owner and left me feeling somewhat regretful for a change.  Hmm...  Not sure that was the thing to do.  I'd just painted myself into a corner motorcyclely speaking (I made up that word).

My old friend Keith, over in California, and I have talked about taking a ride together for over thirty years now but have never done it, mostly because Keith didn't have a bike.  In a fit of familial responsibility he'd sold his last bike, a 750 Norton, back in the '70s.

Then all these years later Keith went mad (with some prompting from me) and bought himself a '95 Honda VFR 750, not exactly the typical re-entry bike for a rider returning to the sport at the age of 65, but buy it he did and ride he is and having a grand time.  He says it's quite a bit faster, more comfortable, and with better brakes than his 1970 Norton.  Uh, yeah.  He's a bit like a Rip Van Winkle awaking to find that the world has changed in forty years.  Fortunately he's a cautious, methodical guy and has done well easing back into riding.

After endless phone calls and discussions of bikes Keith and I made plans to actually go for a ride together after all these years, we'll ride some local stuff here in Arizona and maybe up north to visit my friend Dean at his bunkhouse.  So Keith will be here from California this coming Wednesday with his VFR and I don't seem to have a bike at the moment.  I gotta move fast.  Stay tuned.


D. Brent Miller said...

YIKES! Nothing more debilitating than having a planned ride and finding yourself without a ride. Oh, what will you do, Doug? --Brent

Jac Brown said...


OK. I can see two possible roads.

1. Borrow a bike or put off the ride, just so that you can have time to find that unusual bike and/or deal that you know you really want.

2. Buy something fast, something you know, something common enough that its easy to find. Or just get lucky.

Hey, I wonder if Bob's old Guzzi V1100 ever sold? It was for sale on consignment over at Arizona Superbikes.

Geoff James said...


So what bike is influencing the heart rather than the head as a replacement??? (And will the heart or head win?)

Canajun said...

Let's see - an impulse sell followed by an impulse buy? Should be interesting.

Unknown said...


nice way to box yourself into a corner with a deadline . . .

this is going to be interesting.

Riding the Wet Coast

mq01 said...

well..im pretty confident this ride will go on, so, the new bike is? :)

Doug Klassen said...

Brent, "what to do?" is the question or more like "What to buy?" Craig's List is full of bikes but the ones I like don't match my budget. Nothing new there!

Jac, As always, you're being logical except for Bob's bike. I wasn't close to Bob but under the circumstances having his bike would be a little strange. I have wondered what became of it after the accident.

Geoff/Bobscoot/Canjun/MQ, Current candidates are a Kaw Concours 1000 (I've had two already so they are known commodities. Found a Triumph Scrambler (yes!) but it looks like it's sold already. There's a Suzuki V-Strom that looks interesting too. I'm off this morning to the annual motorcycle swap meet here in town so maybe I'll find something of interest there. It's a fun challenge and of course it's not like whatever I buy will last me the rest of my life. If it makes it through the winter riding season I suppose that will be good. I'm hoping in the next year to ride more and be stressed less so finding the right bike for that would be good.

Gary France said...

That is funny.  You wait thirty years to go for a ride with your friend and all of a sudden, you don't have a bike! I feel a quick purchase is about to happen? Let's wait and see.....

JMGant said...

Very funny. Hey if you made a profit on it, I wouldn't worry too much about it. There are several under priced bikes on CL. I'm sure you'll find the right bike soon.

You could always rent a bike for your ride with your buddy.

Take care! Ride safe!


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