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Sunday, July 24, 2011

But You Can Ride Year Round!

thermal image. 9:45 at night in the city

"But you can ride year round in Arizona!" is something I've heard from snow country friends ever since I moved here.  You can ride year round in southern California, not central Arizona.  It's 9:45 PM here and 94°F outside, guess what it's like at mid-afternoon.  Of course it's not very humid, 30% - 50%, but it's still too hot to ride. 

We do have an advantage over much of the rest of the country, we know it's going to get freakin' hot here so everything is well air conditioned.  But as with heated homes during snow drift season back east or in the mid west, indoor comfort doesn't make going out of doors any easier and riding is still pretty unpleasant.
thermal image. ST1300 sitting in the sun. Engine cold.
seat temp is 180°F

I rode to Tucson about two weeks ago and was so relieved to have a bit of overcast and the temperature didn't get above 100°F until I started for home.  I'll be glad when summer is over and riding season begins!

Thermal images at the right are some I made several years ago in another life.


Canajun said...

It hit 100F here the other day with almost 100% humidity, and it was really uncomfortable to ride, especially with any kind of protective gear, so I can appreciate what it must be like at 100++.

mq01 said...

its interesting how different weather conditions can be across our continent, and how surprising it can be to some. unless you ride wrapped in an oven mitt (ugh), yes i'd say its too hot in AZ. :) and then another extreme, here in NorCal, bob & i were rained on with thick wet fog again this AM.

Roger said...

We are struggling with a very intense cold snap here in Ner Zealand. SAying that if you are well prepared you can ride all year round. Last summer was one of our hotteston record, and it ws the firsttime and had ever decided not to ride becuse of the heat. Carnt win some times!

Unknown said...


Our 90°F feels like your 100°F, so when it gets above that level, I take the car with A/C . Right now it is pleasant, just right for riding. Later in the year when it gets near freezing we will be envious of you in AZ

Riding the Wet Coast

Greybeard said...

Last time we were in Mesa we saw 123 on the car thermometer. Relating that fact to others here in the MidWest I got damned tired of hearing "Yeah, but it's a dry heat". Yeah. So is an oven.
I won't stick my head in there either.
And other commenters have touched on something important...
Wearing the proper gear, I'm unsure there'd be ANY way to stay safely hydrated there under those circumstances.

It's hot here too...
95+ and humidity above 80 percent.
But once I get moving it's bearable.
I'll stay here, thank you.

Doug Klassen said...

Greybeard touched on something that people often don't realize: That in the extreme heat even if you take in huge amounts of water, your body cannot assimilate it fast enough to avoid some level of dehydration. For the last years of my automotive test work I spent much of the Arizona summer outside or inside of non-running static test vehicles. I learned pretty quickly that you can drink water until you slosh but your body will still be slowly, if temporarily, dehydrated.

mq01 said...

great point!!!!

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