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Friday, April 15, 2011

Storm Clouds At Sunset

Rain storm on the horizon.  Nikon CoolPix 8700

Most of Arizona being a desert, it follows that we don't get a great deal of rain over the course of a year.  Seven inches a year is about normal for where I live.  I rarely even carry a rain suit unless I'm wandering further afield than my local area.  When it does rain here it comes down in buckets for a short period of time, usually in a limited area, and it's hot enough outside that you're blown dry before you get home.  The only legacy of getting soaked during the ride is the dried road slime everywhere on you and the bike.

You can see out aways near the horizon in the photo, that I'd be wishing for my rain suit if I was headed that way.  Fortunately I wasn't and beat the bad weather home.  The bike in the photo was my first Kaw 1600, the Classic model rather than the 1600 Nomad I'm now riding.


Unknown said...


You are lucky to live in AZ. Our rainy season lasts nearly 6 months. It's been raining for about 3 weeks continuously. You can't escape the black clouds.

but that is a very nice sunset, sort of looks like an HDR

Riding the Wet Coast

Doug Klassen said...

No HDR, Bob. Arizona gets some spectacular sunsets, due in part to all the crud in the air due west of us. Some years ago a local magazine held a photo contest and one of the rules was "No sunset photos, they are too easy to make."

Sid said...

Nice photo...i was really impressed with it. As for me I like rain because it creates a special atmosphere...and this photo is just incredible...it opens a new prospects

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