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Saturday, March 12, 2011


Some shots from past vintage bike events.  I always enjoy seeing people teaching their kids and grand-kids the beauty of the old machinery and hopefully sharing stories of their own adventures.   Kids need to learn that there are things more exciting and more rewarding in the long run than a game console.

1977 CB400F. Memories for both.

Planting the seed.

Bob and his grandson with Bob's '48 Indian

Explaining the joys of a '59 Ducati Americano


Roger said...

Nice pictures, yes it is nce to see kids interested in more that just a console.

B.B. said...

Those pictures made me smile! Thanks!

FLHX_Dave said...

Wow...those pictures made me smile, because they made my lady smile!

You know, it's important to find, and share something in common with your kids. I took up guitar to have something to do with my daughter beyond the parental role. My son, we talk about programming and video games. Now...if I could only get them both addicted to motorbikes...

Sid said...

Keep smiling lookin at these photos! Thank you! Generations mustn't be divided by the time!

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