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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Life Gets In The Way

My BMW R90S. California, 1974
The picture above of the R90S, my all time favorite motorcycle, has nothing to do with this post.  In fact, it's pretty much the only motorcycle content.  Family matters have dragged me away from what my wife refers to as my "rich on-line life" here at the blog and elsewhere.  I suspect sarcasm on her part.

For the last three weeks my little world has revolved around moving Biker Mom from the picturesque California central coast to decidedly unpicturesque central Arizona, surely proof that clean and virtuous living doesn't always pay off.   Metro Phoenix is no substitute for Pismo Beach when it comes to weather, scenery, seafood, or much of anything else except that more family is here than there and when you start closing in on 90 years old family is a good thing to have handy even if your family is me.

Back to motorcycle content shortly.  Riding weather is almost civilized now in the mornings.

1 comment:

mq01 said...

welcome to az biker mom. you'll like it there too.

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