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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Kill A Motorcyclist, Get 18 Easy Months

Link:  Foundation Against Distracted Driving

In my darker moments sometimes I feel that a little vigilante biker justice could be a good thing to instill a useful fear of of motorcyclists into a willingly ignorant driving public and a brain dead judiciary.  Okay, I'm not really advocating actual violence against anyone, repaying wrong with wrong solves nothing and drags us to the level of the criminal, but it's maddening to see courts let people get off with little more than a token sentence as punishment for carelessly killing another human being.  A more cogent commentary on the situation is over at DealerNews.com.

Rest In Peace, Anita Zaffke

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B.B. said...

This makes me so sick to my stomach. Thank you for sharing this with us, everytime I hear about something like this I try to share it with as many people I can, especially those who don't ride. Sadly sometimes it seems no matter what we do, some people will just never get it. My heart goes out to the family and friends of Anita Zaffke, and the many others who have had to suffer because of such stupidity.

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