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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Upgrading My House of Cards

40on2 is still running on the old version of Blogger and it seems like it's time to upgrade to the new, modular version of Blogger that supposedly makes it easier to customize the blog.  If I was smart I'd buy my own domain and switch to WordPress but I tried that once and it didn't go well. WordPress blogging software is very powerful, assuming you can figure out the code which is explained to non-geek users even more poorly than Blogger code. The only language I know is English, not HTML or CSS or whatever cryptic nonsense creates the pages you see so if 40on2 looks a bit more odd than usual it's just me trying to make the new version look like the old version using the new software. No doubt I'll end up pulling out what's left of my hair.  If it wasn't 900° outside I'd just go for a ride.


FLHX_Dave said...

Well...I'm totally laughing my ass off right now. Not because of what you wrote, but that picture. That is totally me at that age!

Good luck on the transition and if I was you I would put on a shower cap....errr...so you don't lose one precious hair on your head...all three of 'em are really important!

Lol...the pict is perfect and a butter knife works just as well for learning new software as it does for electrical outlets.

Jac Brown said...

I'm curious about how this goes for you. After all, I've thought about it, but never made the upgrade either.

First question. If the goal is to make the new version look like the old version, why change?

Never Too Busy said...

Hey, I like the new header. Not sure how long it's been up (I've been away for a while), but I like it nonetheless!!!

Doug Klassen said...


The funny thing about that picture is that it looks like me as a kid. I don't recall ever sticking a knife in a socket but I did chew the lead based paint off of my crib (which may explain many things in my later life).


Doug Klassen said...

NTB, Thanks for the comment. I experimented with several photos for the header and late at night finally gave up and used that one. There was one I liked better but it made me look too studly and my wife didn't want all the biker women flirting with me.


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