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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Upgrade Complete

Well, that wasn't as bad as I thought.  Since I last tried to upgrade 40on2 to the new version of Blogger, the Blogger people have further improved the new interface so elements from the old page ported into the new one without much fiddling around.  I think I spent more time trying to decide what to use for a header photo than anything else.  Still not entirely happy with the header pic but it's easy to change now so maybe I'll change it regularly just for fun.

For what it's worth, the pictures in the header are from: 1974 touring the Sierra Nevada Mountains on my BMW R90S -- sitting on the porch at the Camp Verge Historical Monument in 1999 (photo taken by my son, then 12 years old - we were on my Kaw 1500 Drifter) -- and last year with the current resident of my garage, a 2007 Kaw 900.  I was going to include a photo of every bike I've owned but then the header would look more like bad acid trip than a photographic record.

To answer the question Jac asked me in a previous comment, the "Why?" of the change has to do with being able to move things around or change things on the page if I wish and not have to dig into the HTML behind the scenes so much, something I always find to be a painful trial and error experience, much like buying a new crash helmet or changing brands of underwear. Having an able assistant like my pal Gromit helps with the computer work but not so much with the underwear.

A "thank you" goes out to Matt at Footshifted site for offering to help me with a conversion to WordPress software but the Blogger conversion was easy enough for now but I do appreciate the offer of help.  One day I would like to escape the clutches of Blogger entirely but not yet.

If you happen to find something on the page that doesn't seem to work, let me know and I'll see if I can fix it or just delete it.  Suggestions for blog post topics are always appreciated, too.


Gymi said...

I like the look Doug, Gromit does nice work.

Never Too Busy said...

In relation to blog topics, I'm not sure if you've already spoken about this, as I'm still going through the archives, what's your opinion on doing bike maintenance yourself?

Mike Werner said...

Looking good. Easy on the eyes.

Matt at Footshifted said...

Offer stands if you ever want to take a look at WP. I appreciate the "Thanks" too!

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