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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Tweak Or Two

The above photo is of a Dellorto carburetor on a single cylinder Ducati.  You younger readers will put the carb in the same category as vinyl records and kickstarters and you'd be correct.  It's what real men tuned and fettled (fettled is a technical term, not a dirty one) before some idiot with a computer invented digital fuel injection and made bikes easy to start.  No, there's no air filter on the carb and it came that way from the factory.  There was only a screen sufficient to keep out birds and squirrels.

None of that has anything to do with the subject of this post though, I just felt like putting up that picture and this one, the opposite end of the spectrum, a supercharged Yamaha Vmax:

Now down to the important stuff.  I noticed today that in porting over the blog to the new Blogger software somehow the blog roll down right got messed up.  I'd just updated it not long ago, pruning off the dead blogs and adding a couple new ones.  Today I re-did it and tried to include the blogs of the regular readers here, as best as I know them.   If you were on there and got deleted and would like to be back on, let me know.   Reciprocal links are appreciated.  No porn sites though.  Don't want the Mrs. to think I'm hanging out on-line with hoodlums, sickos, and engineers, even if it's partly true.  Yeah you, you know who you are.

Something else worth mentioning here is font size on the blog and on other web sites, for that matter.  If you're seeing itty bitty font sizes and you can't make them out, that's not intentional on my part although it would help obscure the typos.  40on2 posts are formatted for a nice, easy to read 12pt font.  If you need to make the words larger try this:  Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and use the scroll wheel on your mouse or +- keys on the keypad of your keyboard to shrink or enlarge fonts as needed.  Don't know how that works on a Mac though.


mq01 said...

ahhhh dellorto's. i used to sell 'em 20 yrs ago. choices were polished or chrome and big or bigger, lol. that was one of the hotrod carbs in demand back then, but many folks had fits with them.

ive been meaning to tell you; the blog looks great, gromit is an adorable assistant, and i'm glad you decided to continue keeping us entertained with the blog :)

Doug Klassen said...

mq, you were selling performance bike parts when you were only 5 years old? Impressive!

mq01 said...

the flattery is MUCH appreciated today :)

Jac Brown said...


The blog looks nice. How many of your other readers are all three, hoodlums, sickos, and engineers?

As for the Mac, I'm glad to see that Windows is finally catching up with a few Mac features. For your info, Command + (+/-).

Doug Klassen said...

Jac, I'm not free to name names on the peccadilloes of 40on2 readers; I'll leave that to the National Enquirer.

I've looked at Macs, and like a BMW, owners pay a severe logo tax for no real benefit over a VW.

The scroll/resize feature has been around forever on Windows browsers, it just isn't well known.

Didn't realize you were a Mac user. No worries, I'll still be your friend.

Heatrave said...

How about a link to BikeEXIF? Nice combination of motorcycles and photography...

Gymi said...

Hi Doug,

I did notice my link turned up missing in your changeover.



Doug Klassen said...

Oops, sorry Gymi. All fixed!

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