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Monday, June 28, 2010

TT Zero. Really

TT Zero is one of the names used for the "zero emissions" electric bike race at the Isle of Man TT races.  Never mind that electric vehicles are not really zero emissions, they merely relocate their pollution to some other part of the planet that no one cares about except the people who live there.  Calling them "zero emissions" makes people with little common sense in technical matters feel better.  But I digress. 

Below is the TT Zero bike at the 2010 Isle Man race.  This is what some think is the future of motorcycle racing.  Sit back, turn up the volume on your speakers, and enjoy the future of motorcycle racing.  Or not.

TT On Bike 2010 - Mark Miller - TT Zero Race- MotoCzycz E1pc electric bike

Impressive, eh?  *Yawn*

Ok, try this: 

Isle of Man TT 2010, spectator point at Bray Hill

Better experience?  Which sort of event would you travel to and pay money to see?  Or even watch on TV?  Is electric motorcycle racing really the future?


mq01 said...

i had an electric scooter come up on me at the grocery store this week, those things sound really weird. i guess at least they HAVE sound, rather than the silent toyota prius.

mq01 said...

ps, guess i should also say; if this/any electric bike goes fast i'll try it :-D

Jac Brown said...

How do you spell curmudgeon?

Seriously, some sounds and some technologies will move us, some will not. I'm enough of a fossil to be excited by the sound of those racing engines, but to paraphrase "mq01", fast and quiet is still fast.

My guess is that in addition to modifying electric bikes and cars to make them faster, we'll be putting better speakers on them and tuning up the sound of power that electric bikes will make to satisfy our noisy soul.

In the meantime, I'm thinking about putting a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery in my bike to save weight and self discharge. That technology came from electric vehicles and will enhance my stinky old dinosaur.

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