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Friday, April 02, 2010

Well, Maybe Just Some Pictures Now And Then

Just so no one thinks I've taken up shuffleboard or bullfighting instead of bikes while it's been slow here, here's a few pictures from the 26th Annual Arizona Antique and Classic Motorcycle Enthusiast's event last Sunday.  My regular camera was visiting Nikon in CA so all these were taken with my five year old point n shoot; that's sort of like have your favorite riding jacket disappear and then doing the biggest ride of the year wearing your favorite jacket from 20lbs ago.

 1952 Triumph Trophy.  A little shinier than OEM (click for larger view)

Hard not smile when you have such a fine ride.

 '47 FL doing what Harley's were famous for.

Always plenty of Indians to be seen, more this year than ever and many ridden to the event.  The rest of the photos are here, most in color. 


D. Brent Miller said...

Good to see you still know how to post. Nice B&W images. I think B&W is best for chrome, don't you? --Brent

FLHX_Dave said...

Awesome picts my friend. You definately have a talent for snaps. I knew something was going to show up sooner or later.

The FL...I didn't even have to look at the pict because I already knew exactly where you were going...but I could resist the urge to find out if I was right. I was relieved to find the evidence on the asphalt. I think all HD riders should be required to carry a bike maxi-pad(pig-mat) with them at all times.

I love HD, but the truth is just the truth now isn't it.

Gymi said...

Now that's better Doug. Your photography skills are on par with your writing skills. So one or the other is not a bad trade off. Glad your back.

Willy D said...

I like the B&W better. Just seems to go with a old bike.

mq01 said...

outstanding pics doug!!! the chrome looks just incredible...

Doug Klassen said...

Thanks for comments, folks. I wasn't sure if anyone would notice if I added a post.

I am partial to B&W photography, partly because the photo classes I took long ago were all for B&W and because I'm a tad color blind so I never have to worry about getting skin color and such things correct.

I agree with Brent and with Willy D. that somehow the old bikes just look more interesting or dramatic in B&W, maybe because that's how we are used to seeing them on the the old photos. Also, with B&W the viewer is drawn to look at the subject rather than be seduced by the nice colors so that they never look much further.

Dave, you'll notice as much as I like to poke a little fun at H-D I still love to shoot photos of the bikes. ;-)

I have no particular intent with the blog at the moment except to post photos of my own that I like and a comment or two. I was going to start a new blog of just photo stuff but then that seemed silly since this one was already here.

Thanks again, all for looking and commenting.


Webster World said...

Love the black and whites. Yea don't put that camera down.

Anonymous said...

Kind regards from Germany...

JC Ellis said...

Doug, so glad to find you are "back on the air." I was up early and was thinking of clearing out some dead wood from my bookmarks folder. Good thing I checked 40 on 2!

You provide a valuable service to those of us trapped north of the 45th parallel. Your stories and photos keep me going through the long months of winter, when riding seems but a distant memory. Rock on, brother, rock on!

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