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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

No Motorcycle Pictures

Woke up early Saturday morning for some reason, usually I don't wake up early ANY morning since I retired, but I did Saturday and couldn't get back to sleep so I hopped on the bike and went for a little ride. Lovely, wonderful, perfect weather for riding. Wildflowers along side the road and the currently green desert made for nicer than usual vistas.  I tried to soak in the green of the verdant weeds and colors of the wild flowers because in another week it will all be desert brown again.

I should have ridden further than I did but I stopped by Coolidge Airport, something I do frequently, and this time I stumbled upon the Coolidge Lion's Club pancake breakfast and fly-in.  Coolidge Airport is off the beaten path so not a lot of people outside the immediate area even know it exists.  It's a WWII era field that was a transit stop for military aircraft moving across the USA.  During the war it hosted pretty much every sort of airplane that the US put in the air.  These days it's growing in popularity with warbird owners because it's outside the Phoenix metro area so air traffic and flight rules are easier to live with.

The Lion's Club even is not a huge event, not even close, but there were a handful of very nice airplanes to be seen.  Sadly, I'd eaten breakfast before I left the house so I had to pass on the pancakes.

Here's some pictures of the planes. Link to the rest/larger versions at the bottom of the post:

P-51 "Cripes A' Mighty"

Seemed like a redundant name

Ryan PT-22 Recruit AKA "the widow maker", a WWII trainer

Waco YMF, one of the prettiest biplanes ever built.

Aero L-29 Delfin, a training jet of the Soviet era from the Czech Republic.  The owner's other plane is a MiG 17F. What kind of toys do you own?

A few more pictures here.

Oh yeah, got my camera back from Nikon.  Big smile.


D. Brent Miller said...

I love attending Fly-in breakfasts. Driving or riding in is okay, but flying in is the way to get there. --Brent

FLHX_Dave said...

Hah! Doug knows my other weakness. I love aircraft.

Nothing beats the sound of a P-51 ripping by you from the air. Nothing sounds better...well, maybe my Harley does, but nothing else.

The Ryan always reminds me of a movie named "The Great Waldo Pepper". One of my favorites.

mrs rc said...


Chris Beaman said...

That is pretty cool. It was such a nice day, too, huh. That must have made it all the better.

Geoff James said...

Fabulous photos Doug! NZ has its own Warbirds show over Easter and there were local Mustangs, P40's and the like plus a Zero from the USA. I think that the pilot was older than me!!!

Helmet Guy said...

I was looking at motorcycle posts and saw this one and it brought back lot of memories. I used to fly in Hollister, CA and there was a beutiful P-51 there. Just loved it when it flew into the pattern. The roar might even be better than my bike when it flies by.

Tony Cramer said...

These are nice photo's. I love that P-51; always wished I could fly one. I guess I've have to live with the thrill of my ride. I've never seen the Aero L-29 but it looks all business. Would have liked to seen the mig. Anyway nice shots.

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