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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cemetery Resident

I was out on my usual ride a few days ago on the Kawasaki and stopped at the old Adamsville Cemetery again. It's been there since 1875 or so and now is owned by the City of Florence, AZ but is essentially abandoned. It's on a back road in a farm area and one of the those places you'd never know was there unless you looked real close through the desert brush. I stop at the cemetery every so often to shoot pictures as the foliage changes and disappears in the onslaught of our summer heat.  After all the rain we've had it's been very green by desert standards.  In the back part of the cemetery a few wild flowers linger in the shade of a tree.

As I was walking across the site something moved...I prefer not to see anything but me moving when I'm in abandoned cemeteries but sure enough, there's a new resident:

Just a King Snake, a constrictor and not poisonous. He wasn't pleased to see me though and when I tossed a small pebble in his path so I could get him to stop and let me take his picture he actually coiled up and struck at me. This being Arizona I generally keep a safe distance from snakes as we have quite a variety of rattlesnakes here so Mr. Snake missed me by several feet.

After posing for me he crawled back into his home down in a grave. Goodness only knows what he has for wall art down there.

I headed back to the bike so my new friend could come back out, it was late afternoon and probably dinner time for him.


mq01 said...

wow, that was an interesting stop. i love the desert in the spring. thanks doug.

Geoff James said...

Thank goodness there are no snakes and only one poisonous spider - they both give me the creeps!

Wonderful photos as ever though Doug.

Geoff James said...

No snakes in NZ I mean!

Willy D said...

I can understand wanting some alone-time, but hanging out in cemetery’s is a little much ;)

Doug Klassen said...

MQ, I never used to like the desert but somehow the vast expanses grow on you, get into your mind and take you out of yourself a little. Now when I travel somewhere with lots of trees and stuff I feel a bit claustrophobic.

Geoff, we do have our share of poisonous critters here in AZ but it's not all that common to come into close contact with them. Even in the days when I'd tramp around the desert on foot I've only spotted rattlesnakes a couple of times.

Willy, hanging around a pioneer cemetery can be very interesting and even relaxing, nothing at all wrong with it unless of course you take a shovel with you.


Timothy Frazier said...

Awesome photos, especially the first one. Thanks for the journey, I felt like I was actually walking around that old cemetery, too.

I tote a DSLR around on my motorcycle trips, but seldom manage to come up with any shots that come close to most of yours.

Paul said...

I love the desert. Seeing these pictures let's me feel like I am riding there too! Thanks---great stuff as always.

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