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Friday, January 01, 2010

The End

I believe I have gone about as far as I can go with Forty Years On Two Wheels. I'm riding less for a variety of reasons and that means there is less going on that inspires me to write about motorcycles on a regular basis. Riding more seems to not be working out. I've also actually been riding motorcycles for about 44 years now and I think it's too late to rename the blog.

By training and temperament if not by college degree I was an Engineering Specialist in the later part of my working life and that impacts a great deal of how I approach things in my private life. I like a project to wrap up neatly and come to a clearly defined end. That being the case I don't want this blog to become one of those motorcycle "zombie blogs" that just hangs out there in the Internet, the last post made about an upcoming ride that was six months or a year ago.

I'm going to leave 40on2 up though, because just deleting it would now be like cutting off a part me. One of the nice things about a blog is that the effort put into it carries on much longer than any almost post on a motorcycle forum. Anyone that has kept a blog up for any length of time knows that it represents countless hours of work. I marvel at those bloggers who can crank out post after post, some almost daily.

There's lots of stuff I've written here over the last 5 1/2 years of which I am reasonably proud and some of it still gets commented on well after it was first posted. The entry about my dad is probably the best one I did and I heard from an English teacher that he uses it in his class as an excellent example of narrative writing. The "As The Wheels Turn" picture comic strip series of entries were the most fun to do. Taking and deciding on what pictures to use with the regular blog posts was probably the most interesting part of keep up 40on2.

Because of the blog I have met or corresponded with some really interesting and excellent people and ultimately motorcycling is really about people at least as much as the machines. I've even turned down offers of paid advertising several times because I never wanted to feel like I had to write to something just to please someone else or didn't want the blog associated with products I wouldn't buy myself. 40on2 has succeeded far beyond my initial expectations.

I never got an ad offer from Coke. No matter, I prefer root beer.

I may start a new blog about my meandering efforts at photography or about my new dog, "Grommet." Both of my beloved Pembroke Welsh Corgis left us in 2009 and Grommet is their new replacement. A wise fellow once said "A new dog can never take the place of an old dog but in time will make a place for itself." Maybe a new blog will make a place for itself in my on again, off again creativity. Writing about something other than motorcycles might be good mental exercise. Or maybe I'll spend even more time reading other motorcycle blogs and leaving wise and pithy comments based on my vast experience.

So thank you, regular readers, for your kind attention and comments. Ride safe. You can be sure I'll still be riding motorcycles myself. My goal is 50 years on two wheels and that project isn't finished yet.

- Doug

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