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Friday, December 18, 2009

Bereft Of Ideas I Shall Take The Easy Way Out

...and post a couple of pictures from a 2008 charity run.
Yipes, Stripes!

Imo's Bike

(click to see the full size images)


D. Brent Miller said...

Ah, writer's block. Been there, done that.

How about a restaurant review of the best breakfast spot in the valley--the Hangar Cafe? Then you could start a series of ride and eat reviews. As your reviews grow in popularity, perhaps you will earn a spot as a paid columnist in a local paper.

Is this helpful for "unblocking?"


mq01 said...

every once in a while i still see scalloped stripes/flames around. great pics Doug, as usual.

Jac Brown said...

Don't forget, a picture is worth a thousand words and multiple ideas, at least these pictures. I love Imo's bike. Is that conduit holding his front turn signals? Great bumper stickers too.

Now come clean, were you lucky enough to find the "stripes" as you photographed it, or did you have to arrange a little? Either way, its a great image and a cool idea to have thought of it.

Doug Klassen said...


With the holidays upon us the trip to the cafe will have to be delayed a bit longer. I still have your e-mail in my in-box though as a constant reminder to get up there to the airport and try the food. I shall prevail eventually!

mq and Jac, I've found over the last few years that I've become enamored of shapes and lines in my picture. Good photos are supposed to tell a story or something like that but I seem to be always drawn raccoon-like to forms and their relationship to each other and bright colors are nice too except that I always seem to convert them to black and white.

No Jac, I didn't fiddle with the scene, the barricade was there and I, in a flash of brilliance worthy of a blind pig looking for an acorn, saw the scene and snapped the photo. It's taken me a year of looking back at the photo though to crop and edit it into something I liked. Thank goodness for PaintShop Pro.

And Imo's bike is as real as Imo is. He's an interesting man who's led a challenging life since his days in Viet Nam.


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