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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Revolving Garage Door?

2007 Kawasaki VN900 Classic LT
I should put a revolving door on my garage for the bikes that come and go. The previous '03 Kawasaki Concours was a great bike but the wrong one for me this particular time, or so I adjudged.

I've been casting about looking for something interesting, something that would entertain to some degree on the shorter rides I mostly do these days. I toyed with the idea of a Harley, even thought about customizing it, but deep in my heart I knew that the rougher ride of the Sporty would not be acceptable to a body that is now paying me back for decades of abuse.

I thought perhaps another "airhead" BMW would be fun, some of the best rides of my life were on older BMWs when they were new, but the airheads I found that I'd seriously consider buying were too far away and a fly-'n-ride or bike shipment wouldn't fit the budget. In the end I settled on another V-twin bike mostly for the nice sound that a v-twin makes: It is real auditory entertainment of the best sort and something no iPod can equal.

Outside the Robles House, built in 1881, Florence, AZ. Needs paint and a bit of work.
I grabbed another Kawasaki Vulcan (stupid model name), this time the VN900. I've had the 1500 Drifter and the 1600 Classic in days gone by and this time I downsized mostly because of budget constraints but also because I'm growing weary of wrestling larger bikes.

A previous owner bought the 900, found that riding wasn't his cup of tea, and sold me the '07 900 Classic LT with just 6600 miles on for $4300. The seller was asking a bit more than $4300 but the bike had been dropped once scraping the front fender so some money needed to be deducted for a new fender. I wasn't going to spend the next six months explaining to everyone that saw the bike that it was the PREVIOUS owner that did it, not me. Also, my clean and orderly bike fetish was not going to be able to endure an obviously scratched front fender either. The new fender has been secured and the old one now hangs on the wall in the garage with a silver Sharpie note scrawled on it saying "I didn't do this." I've dropped bikes before but I'm not taking the razzing from my riding pals for this one.

I found out after I bought it that the bike still has an extended warranty on it to 2011 and that was a pleasant surprise. Buying a used bike is always a roll of the dice when it comes to problems and having a bit of factory warranty left eases the mind.

Car & bike gathering. Scottsdale, AZ. This is not a motorcycle but I like it a lot.
I've been riding the Kaw around a bit, including the regular Saturday night car and bike gathering up in Scottsdale, AZ. It's riding season now here in central and southern Arizona, completely backward from most of the country, and the nice cars and bikes are out in force. I've put about 500 miles on bike wandering about taking photos, and visiting friends. The 900cc engine lacks the punch of either the 1500 or 1600 Kaw but that's no surprise, just something I miss a little. So for now, the new/used Kaw will serve it purpose, probably at least through this riding season. Then we'll see if I win the lottery next Spring and can buy something snazzier which I'll then keep for six months and sell too.

I'm not hard to please, I just have a short attention span.


D. Brent Miller said...

Doug, congrats on the new (to you) bike. I've heard nothing but good things about the 900. Don't be too concerned about buying and selling bikes. If you waiver on this, who am I going to imitate?


PS No glider lessons ... yet. No second bike either.

Canajun said...

Nice bike. Love the caption on the last photo.

Anonymous said...

Just tripped over this site and have added it to my favorites.
I've been riding 35yrs and have a passing interest in photography but will probably never achieve your level of expertise.
My current road bike is a Falco so I guess our tastes in music are similar too.
Keep up the good work.

Jac Brown said...

I wondered what kind of bike you'd get next. Look on the bright side, your 900 as enough power and probably gets much better gas mileage.

I like your last pictures caption. It could be iconic for you. It reminds me of the Bob Lutz frequent quip, "Often wrong, never in doubt"

As for the Pavilions show, I now have another escapee from Detroit and the auto industry. Brad Wrosch got laid off from Tenneco, so he and his brother moved to Sun City West and are trying their luck in the kitchen business. He wrote me to say that he and his uncle went to the Pavilions show recently. Maybe you noticed them. They had a RZ350, a YSR50, a Honda 90 with a Rallye kit, CBX, and a 39 Indian 4. Quite a group of collectors.

If you run into them, say hello for me.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Glad to see you back in the saddle. Your post title could not have been more fitting!

FLHX_Dave said...

Well, another lady for the bike pimp Doug! Damn...I wish I could get around with the ladies as often as you do. Some dudes brag about how many women they have been with but Doug gets to brag about how many he has rode around.

Man, there ain't enough bikes in the world to satisfy your lust Doug! You are truly experienced...I have only been with 6 ladies of the two wheeled persuasion.

That is another nice bike. This one is a favorite of mine though. End all this whoring around Doug and settle down with a Harley. mwhahahahahahah!

If I ever start a bike rag you are the dude that is going to snap the photos. The pict of the car is amazing. It almost looks like a life sized model. It's trippin' me out.

Crusty said...

Congratz on the new ride! I always liked the Kaws. I have had great luck with all the ones i have owned. Except the '85 KX250 i tried to race. That evil bike put me on my head to many times to count! Well i'm outta here...off for some sand, sun and sunscreen..and no NOT in AZ! A bit further south! -Crusty

Motorbike said...

Congratulations!!.. I love the last pictures caption...

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