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Friday, October 09, 2009

Bonneville World Finals 2009

Yes, more stuff from the Bonneville Salt Flats, partly because I like it and partly because I'm too lazy to blog anything else at the moment.

The "World Finals" are the last event of the Bonneville season so I thought I'd toss out a picture and a link. The picture is from "Seldom Seen Slim" who is reporting semi-hourly right from the Salt Flats courtesy of a Verizon AirCard. If you've a mind to see more pictures of the variety of bikes that run at a Bonneville event and also read through the running commentary the link to Landracing.com is here.

Two more pictures courtesy of SSS:

Not everyone races stretched out, missile shaped race bikes that don't look like bikes.

Tom Liberatore ran his M/PG 750 class Moto Guzzi to a new record of 138.280 mph

...and your basic double engine Harley

1 comment:

mq01 said...

these pics help me feel like im there on the salt flats too, as i wish... great post!

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