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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I've Been Published! Eight Years Ago Though

Back in the year 2000 I was still fooling around with vintage motocross stuff and my wanderings took me to California to shoot some pictures and do a bit of web page content for for Rick Doughty at Vintage Iron. The web page thing didn't work out well in the long run but I did get some nice pictures at the 2000 edition of the Vintage Iron World Championship races at Glen Helen Raceway. There were lots of vintage bikes and a who's who of famous Yamaha racing stars of the past where there to compete on identically prepared Yamaha YZ250 motocross bikes in the Yamaha Race of Champions.

Back then I was shooting a Nikon CoolPix 950 with a whopping 2.1 mega pixel image sensor. The 950 was and still is a nice camera although I no longer have it. Worth noting is that the little Nikon was anything but a pro quality camera and 2.1 mega pixels may not seem like much these days but I think a look at the photos does illustrate that you don't need a camera with an 80 bazillion mega pixel sensor to get decent pictures, you just need a good quality camera.

Sometime after my pictures appeared on the Vintage Iron web page I received an e-mail from the folks at White Brothers Performance, a motorcycle performance parts company in California, asking about using some of my pictures in their upcoming catalog. Shucks, if it was ok with Vintage Iron it was certainly ok with me so I sent them some higher-than-web-quality picture files for their use. Someone was supposed to send me a copy of the catalog when it came out so I could see my handiwork on the printed page but it never happened. No biggie but it would have been nice.

Over the years when yakking about pictures with other photography enthusiasts I have mentioned that I had some pictures used in the White Bros. catalog. For an amateur photographer getting anything published that doesn't include nekid ladies is a rarity and a big deal. Now, as far as I knew I wasn't fibbing to anyone these past eight years; White Bros. said they were going to use the pictures but then I'd not actually ever seen the pictures in print. My dear ol' mum taught me not to lie so it was a close call for my conscience. When it got right down to it, a life of photographic obscurity meant I was willing to snarf up a tiny molecule photo geek glory while hoping I wasn't full of hot air or worse.

Fast forward to this week and I'm in my favorite bike accessory shop, the Motorcycle Accessory Shop in Mesa, AZ. MAS is a great place, even a very cool place if you know what you're looking at bike-wise. Stop in and visit and mention vintage motocross and you'll have a good time. I mentioned the White Brothers pictures to Bill Ramsey, the owner of MAS, and he reckoned he might still have that 2001 catalog issue around as he is one who never throws away motorcycle related stuff. Visit his store, you'll understand. Anyway, some poking around turned up the 2001 edition of the White Brothers catalog and thereby brought me to my eight-years-in-the-making moment of truth.

A quick thumb through the pages to the vintage bike section and sure enough, there were my three photos. Semi-sadly they were attributed only to the Vintage Iron World Championships and not yours truly but I did take them for the VI folks as much as myself so I can't complain too much even if it wasn't a paid gig. As always, fame and fortune eluded me but at least I could boast now with a clear conscience. Mom probably taught me something about not boasting along with not lying but let's face it, you have to be something less than humble to start a public blog about yourself and what interests you personally.

The catalog pages are below and more of the original batch of pictures on Webshots.com. I post these at this late date eight years after the fact not because anyone accused me of stretching the truth -- Heaven forbid that I would ever do such a thing! -- rather, I simply wanted to make myself feel less guilty about almost stretching the truth a few times over the years. Okay, and maybe I wanted to boast a little, too.

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mq01 said...

bravo! congratulations! and kudos to those who helped you get your hands on hardcopy.

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