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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Got The Finger

No, not that finger although I've received it more than once in my life and in my younger, wilder years may have returned the gesture in an uncivilized moment of anger.

Down below is a picture from last year of my ring finger. I was soldering a couple of wires for my brother and the soldering iron sort of flipped the springy wire which tossed off a glob of solder which then warped the space time continuum enough for the glob of molten solder to find it's way to the side of my wedding band between my fingers where it instantly bonded to the gold which then transfered it's molten heat to my gentle flesh. What were the odds? It could have hit the floor, hit my brother (might have been funny then), or anywhere in the garage but it got my wedding ring.

Click if you really need to see it better

When the solder hit the ring and the gold ring went solder-hot I began doing the wild man boogie around the garage trying to get the ring off, which I did. I looked down at the badly blistered skin on my digit and knew from past painful experience with a Hodaka exhaust pipe what that meant. My brother looked at the skin and said "Oh dude, that sucks!" Then I began quickly pulling off the blistered skin. Bro yelled "Dude!! Dude!! What are you doing???? What are you doing???" I replied that the burnt skin had to come off now or later and it would hurt less now than later. He looked it me when I was done and said "Pulling burnt flesh from your own body? You da man!!"

Clean up, bandage,  the usual stuff ensued.  Later, a trip to the doc confirmed the 3rd degree burn.

The finger healed fine, took about three months.   So this is just a reminder to be careful when working on your bikes. Sometimes even the little stuff can screw up a perfectly good afternoon.


Mr. Motorcycle said...

That really sucks! Ouch!

Deb Foster said...

You didn't explain why Crash was giving you the "da finga", but perhaps we don't really want to know.
It does appear that Crash's finger was broken at one time, perhaps in a motorcycle crash.

Canajun said...

Sounds like the lesson I learned about welding while wearing sandals. But they say you remember the painful ones better.

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