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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I found this on AdvRider.com. I don't usually post stuff I find on-line as the only content of a blog post but for some reason this video made me laugh harder each time I watched it until I had tears in my eyes.

And then his buddies posted it on YouTube. Hey, what are friends for?

(Note: Friends direct friends to an MSF class!)


Lucky said...

You're right... it does get funnier everytime you see it! I wonder what the "beep" was for. Maybe fiddling around with all the buttons trying to find the kill switch?


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Waaaaay funny! Why the heck did he let go with his left hand? Idiot!

Mr. X said...

Seems my first and last time on a motorcycle...

Greetings from Portugal !

FLHX_Dave said...

I would love to be shocked by this video but I have seen it waaaaayyy too many times first hand. I still laughed a bit, even though it's not funny...well, maybe a little...no, no it's not. lol.

Jac Brown said...

The funniest and saddest sound is the very last sound, the sound of his brand new helmet hitting the ground. Of course, that's why we wear helmets and it probably saved him from injury, but it hurts to hear a couple hundred buck flushed down the drain with a thwack.

Steve Williams said...

Nothing like a bit of panic to really get things going down a bad road...

And a bad idea to let go of the clutch.

Now that I've had a chuckle I'll probably go out and do the dame thing with the Triumph Street Triple I picked up last night. Karma.

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

Doug Klassen said...

Thanks for the comments, guys.

I have to add that I felt a little bad for the guy from a motorcycle experience standpoint. I wish everyone's first ride could be successful but sadly, Mr. Beep's experience is all too typical. At least he buddies got him into a helmet and gloves before aiming him across a parking lot at a busy street. Humor aside, it could have been so much worse!

Steve, congrats on the new Triumph. You'll definitely need to focus on the "Oh yeah, it's got a clutch" thing for a while. When I ride Debbie's scooter I'm always wanting to reach for the clutch but on the Helix and there's nothing there but air. I do find the clutch a very useful tool in low speed maneuvering compared to the auto-clutch of the scooter. I didn't realize the significance of the clutch as a maneuvering tool until I'd spent some time on the Helix and the late, great Ruckus.


Adam Saint-Prix said...

Some one else said it, but this is why you take the MSF course. I'd never ridden a bike before and managed to take the course without "beeping" the bike once in the 2 days. I don't even remember how we started out on the bike, but I'm pretty sure the instructor didn't say "ok, now rev the engine and let go of the clutch".

I still think people getting a driver's license should have to take the MSF course if nothing else to see what motorcyclists have to contend with day to day. I'm definitely not teaching anyone how to ride.
I have to admit that was funny, but it helps knowing that the rider is ok. lol.

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