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Thursday, July 02, 2009

1969 Carlsbad Raceway

I seem to be getting quicker with making these little videos. I must be learning something about the video software finally. I had a little more fun doing this one too. My apologies to Gen. Patton...or maybe he'd understand.

Here's the oldest 8mm footage I've got, a typical weekend at Carlsbad with motocross going on at the motocross track and bike road racing right next to it on the road course. I'm not sure but this might be the first or second motorcycle race I ever attended. I know I borrowed my dad's 8mm camera and received stern warnings about what would happen if it got dirty or broken. Next time you're shooting your digital video camera imagine you've only got 3 minutes of video and it will cost you an hour's wages to get it out of the camera.

Ossa Stilleto. One of the prettiest dirt bikes ever

I didn't start racing until a few months later when I left home and dear ol' Dad couldn't stop me anymore.

In case you're wondering why I am bothering to post a bunch of grainy, ancient old home movies on YouTube and here, it is mostly for the guys in the films. I hope maybe someone will see himself (or herself) back then and remember what fun it was, what it was like to be young and slightly daft. Motorcycle racing was a lot less socially acceptable then than it is now. Maybe the rider's kids will see the movies and realize that dad or even grandpa were not always worn out old fahrts that they are now. We were all young once. Sadly, not for long enough.

Here ya go:


Rob said...

I wish you we all could be young for a longer period of time but then there are some folks that seem young even when old. Any cool post, I enjoyed reading it!

Anonymous said...

I was 18 in 1969 and raced Carlsbad, riverside, Orange County Raceway and Willow Springs. That little clip brought back a lot of memories. Thanks!!

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