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Thursday, June 18, 2009

AACME 2009 Vintage Bike Event Pictures

I finally got around to sorting and uploading my pictures from the 25th Annual Antique and Classic Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet. This event is probably the largest vintage only event in Arizona and is hosted by the Arizona Antique and Classic Motorcycle Enthusiasts club.

1971 MZ ES125G

Attendance in bikes and spectators was pretty good this year with some outstanding examples of great bikes to be seen and also a very odd MZ 125 from 1971.

As always there were interesting people too. Bikes are great but it's the people that bring some real character to an event, otherwise it's just an outdoor museum.

You'll find the rest of the pictures here.


Rob said...

The photos are of excellent quality and as are the bikes them selves. Thanks for putting your Blog Together.

Canajun said...

Great photos. Thanks for sharing.
Perhaps you'd consider doing another post on your techniques? Many of us are envious of the quality of your shots :)

mq01 said...

great post and pics. i have been to see vintage cars in AZ and that was a fantastic show. i can only imagine this... excellent.

Jac Brown said...

Nice collection of pics. I'll try to emulate your technics at the Vintage Bike Races at Mid-Ohio later in July.

By the way, do I interpret your new blog portrait correctly? "Bultaco on the Brain."

Doug Klassen said...

Thanks for the comments, guys.

Canjun, For "technique" I recommend reading Ansel Adams' "The Making of Forty Photographs." The concepts still apply to digital photography, especially if one is doing conversions to black and white.

Jac, you're going to the vintage bike races at Mid-Ohio? >gasp< Now I'm envious. I could go, should go, but I have more pressing things here like working on a %^$#$ motorhome.

FWIW, the bike in the little skull picture is just a generic bike. I didn't want to show preference lest my Harley riding readers begin shouting "Infidel! Infidel" and...oh wait, never mind. I have not ridden a Harley in decades anyway.


Antique and Classic Motocycle said...

Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

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