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Saturday, July 04, 2009

1970 Sod Busters M/C Santee CA Motocross

Still a miserable day here in AZ and probably will be until, oh say, mid-September, so I'm still putting videos together from my old 8mm films and learning a good bit in the process about improving the quality of the video output.

This next one is from the Sod Busters M/C motocross outside of Santee, CA in July 1970. I recall that it was hotter than blazes and the guys with the water truck kept turning random corners back into grease just about the time the mud was drying to the point of having actual traction.

In the second moto I got a bad start, fell down in the slippery first turn and got up mad. I proceeded to pass people and after three or four laps was sitting in third. I could see second place and at the rate I was going thought maybe, just maybe, I could catch him as he was slow on a downhill section. I let the bike run out through one more gear at the bottom of the downhill and into a little wash with a jog coming out and proceeded to nail a small boulder buried in the dirt. Did the usual sky-ground-sky-ground thing, rolled to a stop, jumped up (sure was nice to be 19 years old) and ran for the bike which was laying there with both the triple clamps broken. Day over. Being a Bultaco it cost me something like $35 for new triple clamps at a time when I was making $2.00 and hour. That hurt. Surprisingly, the fork tubes were not bent, probably because the triple clamps let go.

So here ya go:

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