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Monday, May 04, 2009

Fame and Fortune Sure to Follow

I keep most of my on-line photos at WebShots.com. I've been signed up there for so long that I have a ton of free storage space so I thought "Why not use it?" I'll go out on a limb here and presume that people get some enjoyment from the photos so the photos are better there than just gathering electron dust on my computer hard drive. Too, sorting them and putting them on line, however minor the exposure in the wide world, does make me take a second or third critical look before I upload them.

Since I got the Nikon D90 I've been working a little harder on my black & white photos. No one has mistaken my stuff yet for Ansel Adams or Henri Cartier-Bresson but the nice folks at WebShots did pick on of my recent photos of a 1969 Triumph Bonneville to be a featured photo. This makes three times now that I've had photos featured over there. So far they have not been my favorite photos but then who knows why one photo appeals to one person and not another? Having a photo featured doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of life, a bit of recognition, not unlike have a blog post quoted favorably somewhere else. Still, it's fun stuff and a little encouragement goes a long ways and who knows, maybe that call from National Geographic or Maxim is just around the corner.

Here's the photo they picked.

1969 Triumph Bonneville

The rest of the black and white album is here.


mq01 said...

fabulous pic, congratulations

FLHX_Dave said...

I know why they picked that one.

You remember the first time you looked at a bike with lust in your heart? When you fell truly in love with a bike? You just stood there looking at it. This is what I saw.

ok, ok...it was just a damned fine pict but I really love it also. I think you should think about making a go at it with the snapbox. You have always had some great picts and an eye.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Awesome! My favorite is "A Long Ride" on page 3. Great pics!

Jac Brown said...

Thanks. I really enjoyed the b&W album and echo FLHX Dave with the thought, you really need to spend more time taking pictures.

As you point out, different people respond to different photos. My favorites were;

1911 Dinning car cafe 3
railroad tank cars 1

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