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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Apparently I'm Doing Something Right

In the space of just over a week I've found another of my black and white photos featured on Webshots.com. This time it's a very nice 1977 BMW R100 RS. As my dad taught me avoid the sin of envy: "I wish I had that one and he had a better one." I've always wanted an R100RS and never bought one. I should work on that.

Here's the linked image:

I must be getting a handle on the new camera or at least the editing software. Not enough though to eliminate the distracting palm tree in the background. Not realizing it's impact when I took the shot and setting the camera for a shallower depth of field was a fundamental photography mistake. Perfection continues to elude me.

The complete black and white album is here.


Mr. Motorcycle said...

The picture was just fine till you pointed out it's flaws. When I went looking for the Palms, All I could see was the golden arches!

Oh well. No one's perfect!

Doug Klassen said...

Mr. MC,

The golden arches I could edit out but the palm tree, well, more work than it's worth unless the picture was going to be printed. I shouldn't have made either error in composition to begin with if I was paying attention. I get all jazzed about some cool bike and start shooting photos and then I get so into the bike I forget to check the background. Rookie mistake!


mq01 said...

personally, i love it, just the way it is. i think theres magic to the depth and how its displayed. excellent pic.

Willy D said...

Ditto to Mr.M. The picture was just fine. I was looking at the bike, until… you pointed out the flaws. I still like it.

russel said...

awesome bikes!

FLHX_Dave said...

There ain't no flaws in that picture Doug. That is perfection in my book. The flaws you pointed out are the things that really made it for me.

Most really successful people don't do it like the "experts" teach. You do your own style and that is what will make you king.

My ex father in law rode this model of bike across the country over and over. He loved it. I remember counting his 100,000 mile medallions that BMW hands out. There were five or six of them on that bike before he died. It's all he did. He saw everything and was everywhere. One of the dudes I admired. He even had the same brain bucket.

Doug, this pict really shot right through me when I saw it. I flooded suddenly with all the stories he told me and saw his beat to hell bike as I remembered it. I wish Dean could have seen this pict. Good beans. That was a pict worth a thousand words...yeah, I'd say you got it right.

Doug Klassen said...

Guys, thanks for the positive feedback. Looking at a picture from a photographer' perspective is a lot like looking at a good customer or restored bike from a bike enthusiast's perspective. To the great unwashed masses it might be a cool bike or a nice restoration. To someone who knows bikes the technical flaws or incorrect bits and pieces plainly stand out. That doesn't make it a poor custom or restoration, and not enjoyed, just not everything it might have. In the end I think the first goal has to be to please the creator/builder/restorer and then hopefully some other folks will find enjoyment in it also. Kind of like writing a blog, right? I liked the BMW photo well enough to post it on Webshots, mistakes and all, because I knew on the whole it was a pretty good photo and felt that motorcycle people would enjoy it.

Dave, your ex-in-law Dean sounds like he was one of the good ones. BMW doesn't hand out those medallions without some real proof so they are highly prized and rightly revered by BMW riders. You don't get them for just riding 100,000 miles, you get them for riding 100,000 miles on that particular bike (at least that's how it used to work). Glad the photo photo brought back some good memories for you.


Jac Brown said...

Now lets get to the motorcycle details. My friend John is on his second R100. He says its the best highway bike he has ever ridden. Very stable at speed. For you in AZ, the fairing blocks a lot of air, so you might find it a tad warm on some days. If you get one, try to get one with the engine relatively stock. BMW knows these engines best and, if you don't believe, just ask them. Finally, think about a stronger alternator,especially if you ride around town. It doesn't seem to put out much juice until highway speed.
By the way, I like the photo just the way it is.

Biker Betty said...

That is a great photo, palm trees and all. The Amish say nothing should be perfect, and I live by that, lol.

Happy Memorial Day weekend :)

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