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Monday, April 06, 2009

Boy, Is My Face Red

1932 Indian Four owned by Bob Orr
I spent yesterday at the day at the 25th Annual Antique and Classic bike event yesterday in Phoenix. My wife wisely sat under a shady tree and worked on a watercolor painting while I roamed around taking a ton of pictures. Since I had the flash on the camera I wore my trusty Bultaco cap backwards and my face was essentially unshielded from the Arizona sun all day. By the time I got home the Mrs said it looked like someone had pressed a hot iron to my face. Ah well, I got some good pictures. One above and the one below and more to come when I get done with the sorting editing and erasing of legs and butts that always show up in the background of bike meet photos.

1966 Triumph T120R Bonneville owned by Wayne Hamilton


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Very nice. You have a keen eye for art.

Willy D said...

Wada’ mean erase the butts in the background? That’s obscene!

FLHX_Dave said...

Where are the rest of the picts! At least your face took one for a good cause. I was afraid you might be suffering from road rash or something like that.

John Chamberlin said...

I ejoyed your story and photo album from the RC meet this winter. What beautiful machinery! As a youth in the 60's, and son of a hobby shop owner, I relate to this apparently dying hobby ... at least in the form as it was. I also noticed in the photos that there didn't appear to be anyone under 50 or 60 years of age ... more evidence. While I never flew RC planes myself, I was into home made gliders and rubber powered planes, participated in indoor competition with film covered stick stuff.

I am a friend of Jac Brown's, and recently retired from Chrysler PG, ride motorcycles, etc. Good luck to you in your new life. I enjoy the blog. - John

Canajun said...

I'll echo Mr. M. Nice shots.

Doug Klassen said...

Thanks for the compliments, guys. I'm still sorting and editing pictures. I shot about 500 photos in the course of the day so just sorting the wheat from the chaff takes a while. The new Nikon D90 still baffles me occasionally so I shot more crappy shots than usual.

After the sorting, despite Willy D's admonitions, there are few hairy biker legs and fat butts in the background so some editing is necessary for a few shots. Amazing how often at a bike show you can frame up a nice shot and just as your ready to click the shutter someone walks into the background. Of course if there are NICE lady biker legs, etc. in the shot they will stay in unless Debbie finds them.

John, Glad you enjoyed the model airplane stuff. I enjoy the history of the old models the same way I enjoy the history of old bikes. And yes, it's mostly old guys there. I was one of the youngest which should tell your something about the age range.

Also, the fact that you're a friend of Jac's won't be held against you here.


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