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Monday, March 16, 2009

Upcoming: 25th Annual Antique and Classic Motorcycle Show

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You Arizona folks should mark your calendars and plan on attending. I attend every year and have never come away disappointed. It's not the biggest vintage bike show in the world but it's probably the biggest and best in Arizona and with some good support from the non-vintage motorcycle community it could grow nicely. Heck, if you ride in it's even FREE, no parking fee. If you ride in on something cool you might even win a parking lot award from the event organizers who's website is here.

Look for me. I'll be the old guy wearing motorcycle t-shirt and carrying a camera...


FLHX_Dave said...

Hmmm...sounds like a good excuse to go to AZ. I love older bikes...now I'm getting older.

Doug Klassen said...


I'm not sure I'd drive from CA for the show, it's pretty good for a local show but can be hit n miss from year to year. Down in Long Beach the El Camino vintage bike swap meet is coming up and that one would certainly be worth a drive on your part.


Jac Brown said...

Love this bike. If it were a car, it would be a rat rod. As a bike, is it a rat ride?

And by the way. Does retiring make you older? I don't think you were an "old guy" a couple of weeks ago.

Doug Klassen said...


Yes, rat bikes are a particular subgroup within motorcycling just like rat rods are with hot rods. You'll even find web pages devoted to rat bikes.

As for me getting old all of sudden, no way. I think I was born old.


Ann said...

I believe we'll be at this show. Look for us while you're there. We'll be the biker couple on a Harley...


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