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Friday, March 20, 2009

Remembering my Corgi pal

"Watson" 1998 - 2009

This post has nothing to do with motorcycles.

I am heartbroken. My pal Watson, a redoubtable Pembroke Welsh Corgi, left us on Tuesday, the 17th. He was not himself on Monday night and Tuesday morning he collapsed. We rushed him to the vet. The vet said there appeared to be no specific cause based on the blood tests. We had few positive options, none within reason.

Watson had not been at his best for a while, his Welsh temper was starting to get the best of him and the week before we'd had to separate him from the other dogs and into his own enclosure in the back yard. That in itself was hard enough to do. His sister Tinsel has severe back problems and is going down hill. I'd steeled myself against her impending loss and when Watson collapsed it caught us completely off guard. He and his sister were just ten in December.

He was quite a dog, the son of a multi-time champion and was slated to be a show dog like his dad. He was a bit small as a pup so the breeder sold him to me instead. A year later when she saw him she exclaimed "Watson, you GREW! I never should have sold you!" Watson's dad sired no less than 40 AKC championship Corgis. I guess Watson "coulda been a contender!"himself but he got to be my pal instead. As his breeder told me once "Watson is too nice anyway to be a show dog."

I always felt honored to have both he and his sister for my pals. He and Tinsel would sit in front of me and I'd explain to them that only the most most fortunate humans got to have ONE Corgi as a friend and I had TWO Corgis. "Can you imagine having TWO Corgis as friends?" I'd say. They of course looked at me and no doubt were thinking "Yeah, yeah, give us the biscuit now."

Watson was in PetSmart ads three times, pretty good at our backyard agility course, amazingly obedient (when he wanted to be or if there was a biscuit to be had), and was generally too smart for his own good. He was absolutely the typical "big dog in a little dog suit." There were some dark times in the last eight or night years of my life and even on the worst days Watson and his sister could get a smile out of me, a bit of cheer, something for which I am greatly in their debt.

I'm really going to miss you, pal. You were a real pain the butt sometimes but your were still my buddy right to the end. I think that's how it often is with real friends.

(If you're "a dog person" there's a few more pictures here.)


Anonymous said...

Watson was one of the most beautiful Corgis I think I have ever seen...& you are a great photographer! Tinsel is also a beautiful looker :)
I had corgis when I was a little girl and tell people I was brought up by them...that's why I am the way I am. I am now owned by a very handsome rescue corgi Harold who is my service dog. I am so sorry for your loss and words can't express it well but I had this quote from a friend when she lost her father and really loved it.

"There's so much pain because there was so much love."

Have lit a candle here in upstate NY in Watson's honor on reaching the bridge.

Anonymous said...

Fellow motorcyclist here who occasionally checks in on your blog. Sorry to hear about Watson... I had a Cardigan Welsh Corgi myself until a couple years ago, and they are fine animals. Really, they are dogs with some of the best personalities around, if you ask me. Best regards as you remember the good times.

FLHX_Dave said...

Sorry Doug. All I can say is sorry.

Friend? Probably the most loyal and understanding friend a man could ever have. Maybe a pain in the ass but a friend that never dissappointed you, lied to you, stole your girlfriend or wrecked your bike. A true friend indeed.

Sorry for you loss Doug but it does have something to do with motorcycles because Watson was a part of your life.

A tribute deserving for sure.

Laurie Eno said...

Lovely tribute to a very special dog.

That last photo of him on the beach is stunning. I'd love to share it on The Daily Corgi sometime, with your permission.

Your blog is scratching my latent itch to get a motorcycle, by the way. I've been on one a few times in my life (as passenger only), and there's nothing else like it.

Doug Klassen said...

Hi and welcome, Laurie. I'm a regular reader of your blog and you are more than welcome to use the picture of Watson. It was taken at Pismo Beach, CA. in 2007.

And you should persue that motorcycle, it's great fun to ride your.

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