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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Test post from ScribeFire

I hate using the Blogger editing software so this is a test post from ScribeFire / Firefox to see if it's easier to use, especially for inserting pictures.   

I tried to at least pick an image to which I know that I know 40on2 readers can relate.


Anonymous said...

Doug, are you using a Mac or PC? If PC, try Windows Live Writer. It's free, and has a really good editing interface. I have been using it for since it was in Beta--several years. It works with several different blogging formats, including WordPress, Typepad LiveJournal and Blogger.


Doug Klassen said...


Thanks for the suggestion. I use a PC. I'll take a look at Live Writer. I fiddled around with WordPress thinking I would switch to that and also my own domain name but became so frustrated I almost wiped my hard disk clean and went back to DOS 3.0.


One Harley Rider said...

What did Eddy do and why would Fred be upset .... please for the love of God turn the page so we can read on!!!

Doug Klassen said...

"What did Eddy do and why would Fred be upset .... please for the love of God turn the page so we can read on!!!"

It was 1969; a long time ago. I was at Eddie's party that night and saw it all through the bottom of a bottle of Jack D. There was psychedelic music and dark corners, ya know? Crazy times. Boys will be boys.

At least that blonde tootsie has some great memories to make her smile all these years later after a lifetime with that Volvo driving dork, Fred.


Anonymous said...


I personally really like Wordpress. Highly customizable and a lot of neat plugins. If you want to get your own domain, I would be happy to help out if you hit any snags.


Doug Klassen said...


Thanks for the offer. I've played around with WordPress and it's certainly powerful enough but where Blogger gives clunkiness and lack of flexibility, WordPress overachieves and requires more geekiness than I'm willing to take on. Riding a scooter is a much nerdism as I can deal with at one time so I shall soldier on with Blogger a bit longer.


FLHX_Dave said...

Is that a genuine comic? As far as being able to relate to it? Errr...I guess...if that chick doesn't mind the smell of pine-pitch, gasoline, exhaust, odor of helmet head, road dirt, rubber dust, old leather and decaying insect carcasses. Ahhh, it was a nice fantasy anyway Doug! Put a couple of gaps in her teeth, some split ends, bit more weathered complextion with a bit less taste in clothing. Yeah, then I might believe it!

I have just been using the blogger crap. I must be missing something here.

Doug Klassen said...


Yup, that was a real comic circa 1970 according to my extensive research. Guess tastes have changed since then in what girls like to read, not necessarily for the better either. These days that ruffin on the bike might stand a better chance of hanging onto his fender fluff and Fred would just be her gay friend going shopping with her.


Anonymous said...

The guy on that bike is a lot hotter than the guy she's walkin' with!

Go with the fantasy! Go. Go!

Anonymous said...

Dean Adams from SuperBikeplanet.com here. Just a note to say that I enjoy reading your "blog" and hope you keep up the fine work.


Doug Klassen said...


Thanks for the feedback. As it happens I've been a daily reader of SuperbikePlanet.com for quite some time.


Anonymous said...

I have been using this Blogger on-line posting stuff for a couple of months now. The biggest issue I have with it is it's inability to handle and manipulate photos. Uploading them is not bad. The problem I have is manipulating them around in the post, especially if you are posting a lot of them. The posting window is too small and should be full screen. I was wondering if there was software where you could write your post putting the pictures where you want them and then upload the whole post at once? maybe I've overlooked it.

Ride on,

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