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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New BMW for Off-roading

BMW have announced the latest addition to their globe trotting GS line of motorcycles. Following in the path of the 1200GS and 650GS is the all new and environmentally friendly BMW BS or "BurroSport."

(Shovel not included.)

When asked to comment on the fact that the new motorcycle was not a motorcycle at all but in fact is a burro the BMW spokesman said "It has our logo on it. Plenty of people will buy it regardless of what it is."


Mr. Motorcycle said...

And even more if you put a "sale" sign on it!

Anonymous said...

I really think this model will work, particularly since everybody is promoting the Green stuff I guess there is no better example of going Green than the Burro Sport.

Anonymous said...

True that!

Lucky said...

"It has our logo on it. Plenty of people will buy it regardless of what it is." Does this mean Harley will be coming out with the VRSCASS "Freedom Mule" in the near future?


Doug Klassen said...


I believe The Motor Company is planning a special "Jack Daniels Edition" of the Buell Ulysses to be call the "JackAss."


Allen Madding said...

Wow, I have been wondering when BMW would improve the looks of their offerings. The lines are much better and the ugly square science experiement sidebags are finally gone!

This is a huge design improvement.


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