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Monday, September 01, 2008

The Adventures of Wan

In October of 2007 it all seemed pretty straight foward to Wan.

From the TotalRuckus.com forum:

"Hi guys~

my name is Wan

I'm from Seoul, South Korea

I want to cross the U.S with Ruckus

For this trip, I worked at the restaurant in Seoul for 1year to make money.

Finally I got the Ruckus today!

and all other things are prepared (camping stuff)

I will start on Next Monday

I'm Fayetteville, N.C now

my plan is

Fayetteville, NC -> Charleston SC -> Savannah GA ->

Jacksonville, FL -> Orlando, FL -> Miami, FL -> Tempa, FL ->

Tallahassee, FL -> New orleans, LA -> Houston, TX -> Austin, TX ->

El paso, Tx, -> Phoenix, AZ , -> Las veas, NV, -> Los angeles, Ca

It will take 3months or more

I know the US is huge and Ruckus is small

I need you guys' supports

I don't have any friend in the U.S yet

Please cheer to me

Thank you~

Normally I would not recommend that someone pursue a scooter forum message thread that runs almost 200 pages but the "Adventures of Wan" is too good to let it pass even with all the usual bike forum fodder mixed in.

Imagine one beer loving Korean guy, one loaded down 50cc Honda Ruckus, and the dream of riding across America. 10,000+ miles, more than three months, and countless new friends later Wan had experienced the best of America and a bunch of Americans experienced a truly unique person. I recommend you grab a cold drink and wade through all of the Adventures of Wan. If you love riding and traveling on two wheels you'll count the time as inspiring and well spent.

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