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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

SuperMoto Scooter?

This whole scooter riding thing may have more potential for fun than I thought:

Hat tip to The Scooter Scoop blog for the link.


FLHX_Dave said...

Whoa! That does look like alot of fun. You can tell he has quite a bit of control over that little buzz bomb. I had to watch it a few times. That dude almost makes it look easy. I admit that guy would kick my arse on that road with that scoot against me and my glide,...no problem.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

LOL! That guy is nuts. It looks like a blast. Looks like something I would have tried to do at 15 Yrs old with my moped. Is it just me, or did the road look wet. If so that would explain how he was able to drift on those turns so nicely.

Nuts, just plain nuts!

Doug, now we want to see a video of you and the Mrs. doing this crazy stuff.

Anonymous said...

Looks fun, but it sounds like either a weed whacker or a giant mosquito!!

Lucky said...

So Doug... Have you tried that on Debbie's scooter yet?

Anonymous said...

There is truth to the statement "It's not the size...", though I wouldn't dare push the 'Wing that way!

As a side note, I just did the 24K mi service last night... about 6500mi on it since it left your driveway, and it's brought smiles with the miles. (maybe not as enthusiastic as Debbie's, though)

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