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Monday, August 11, 2008

As The Wheels Turn - Part 8


FLHX_Dave said...

LOL! You know Doug, I'm starting to have visions of Wiley Coyote at the drafting table drawing up blueprints to catch the road runner. I see you in your garage doing the same thing late at night. Funny.

Lucky said...

Oh, the irony! There's something terribly wrong about having to borrow your wife's scooter to go riding...

Stop procrastinating and go get a bike - any bike - NOW! Even if it's an old beat-up 250 Nighthawk, at least it would partially restore your manhood ;-)


Anonymous said...

I might have been thinking it, but you said it bro....


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Now there's irony for you!

Her tattoo is going to be of some burly biker dude riding a Crossbones. LOL!

Doug Klassen said...

Last night caught her using the TV remote when I went to the kitchen for some Tofu ice cream. I think I'm losing control.


Anonymous said...

You need to take a cruise to Bermuda, leave the wife at home with her scooter. rent a scooter in Bermuda. That will teach her to use the remote!

Adam Saint-Prix said...

Just a suggestion, but maybe it's time for one of these, you know, before you get the bike you really want.

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