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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

As The Wheels Turn - Part 6b


Mr. Motorcycle said...


Hey doug,

I honestly have to tell you that you are starting to spin quite a web here with you comic strip series. I look forward to seeing which way the wheel will turn. Keep it up! It's getting addictive.

"Joker" said...


Lucky said...


Damn Doug. Didn't mean to get you in trouble with wifey! Here's an idea: pick an Alaskan cruise that leaves port from Vancouver or Seattle... Then ride there on your new bike (whatever it may be).

Surely there must be some kind of compromise?


Anonymous said...

How about that HOGs on the High Sea's cruise? That could be fun! Wear a black leather vest and tell everyone you ride an '03 Fatboy. If they ask you how it rides tell them it's an ass breaker on the highway.

FLHX_Dave said...

Doug, Im going to settle this!

Cruise; 3-5 days of sailing, Eating like a pig, getting sea sick, sun burn, sex every night(maybe, if she isn't sea sick, sun burned or stuffed with too much food), folding chair, magazine...just sitting and watching a bunch of people jogging, exercising, or jazzercising. (exactly the reason I go on vacations) or worse, stumbling around topside because they drank way too much. Not to mention every bill you fork over will eat at you because every one of them represents your bike dream moving further and further away! All the crying and expense involved in dieting afterwards because you packed it on because you porked out! Don't do it Doug!

Bike; Equity! Passion! Weekend after weekend of roads and adventures. The wind in your face! (without the sea salt) It will provide "tinker time" and give you another excuse to retire into the garage. It will always be there day after day like a dog, awaiting another glory ride. Think of all the places you and the wife could see together! Sheer Americana! Sail the seas of asphalt together!

Not just a memory of a cruise, but a cruise to make memories every weekend! Everyday when you retire!

LOL, sorry, got carried away.

Doug Klassen said...

I'm weakening, folks. She's wearing me down using all her wily feminine tricks, that is to say she won't give me the Gold Wing money back. I'm going to wander through some bike shops in the Phoenix area tomorrow and I may have to resort to buying an old airhead Beemer or something just to keep a proper set of wheels under me!


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