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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

As The Wheels Turn - Part 2


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Just my two cents here.

I think that only "some" people look rediculous in "some" Harley T-shirts. I try to find ones with less loud colors, and patterns. Subtle if you know what I mean. I go off the less is more theory. I also like them to not all be black. I want the lighter colors for when I'm riding on hot days.
These shirts are out there if you look hard enough.

So, I say go and get yourself a few new Harley t-shirts, and while you are at it, go and get the matching Harley!

FLHX_Dave said...

Hahahahaha! What he is wearing now might actually look good on a Harley. Make a statement man! I refuse to buy HD clothes. NEVER I TELL YOU, NEVER!!!! A man has to draw the line somewhere. All I have in my closet are solid T's, 3 for $10 bucks and levis, buy 2 get the third half off. Yeah, I'm cheap, I have to pay for the hog!

"Come to the dark side Doug, Come to the dark side... they don't leak oil anymore, they don't leak oil anymoooore...You can still keep the other bikes, mwwwaahahahahah."

I have to say. I really love that Cross Bones. I would be envious if it landed in your garage.

I just can't buy into the HD lifestyle crap. Your lifestyle should be your lifestyle. If a Harley just happens to fit in there someplace then so be it. I'm loyal only because they have treated me very well and I love the bike.

Anonymous said...

We arrived at Snowshoe resort the day before Mountainfest began. Many other bikers arrived Wednesday evening as well. Walking around the resort, and running into other groups riding around the fabulous roads in the surrounding area, I couldn't help but notice: all of the other people "look" like bikers, and our group just looks like a group of "regular" people. Sure we had lots of HD t-shirts (very few if any of them were black), but only 3 of us wore "colors" of any kind. As a club (HOG chapter), we like to ride, we like to explore, we support the moco for various reasons...but we are just not into patches and vests and the rest of the "uniform". Wear what you want, ride what you want. If you subscribe to the rest of the cliche, then how free are you really?

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