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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Super Hunky

Back in 2005 I reminisced about my encounters with Rick "Super Hunky" Sieman, the near legendary 1970's editor of Dirt Bike Magazine and to my thinking, one of the two best motorcycle magazine editors ever. The original piece I wrote is here.

I was perusing the Adventure Rider forums last night and ran across this message thread about Rick and where he's at right now. Seems as if he's hit some seriously deep sand. If you read Dirt Bike in the early '70s and remember it fondly pay visit to his website, maybe pick up a copy of Rick's very funny and absolutely 100% historically (or hysterically) accurate book "Monkey Butt." If you want to know what racing was like when men were men and the desert was still wide open read "Monkey Butt." If you want to read what motorcycle magazine writing should be like and usually isn't these days buy his collection of articles on CD.

To my fellow bloggers, forum denizens, and assorted old fahrt friends, I'd appreciate it if maybe you'd pass along the link to the Adv. Rider message thread and the link to Rick's web page. I think he has way more fans even at this late date than he might realize.



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