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Saturday, June 07, 2008

I Can't Help But Look

"Why then, can one desire too much of a good thing?"
Wm. Shakespeare, As You Like It

A couple of years back I discovered the free on-line advertising page, Craig's List. I know, CL has been around for years but I'm a little slow to catch on sometimes. A good portion of CL is akin to what someone once called television: "A vast wasteland" and if you want your faith in human beings renewed don't spend any time reading CL. On the other hand, if you enjoy finding the odd and the unusual, the inexpensive or sometimes free, CL is your place.

Being free to non-commercial advertisers everyone and his uncle is tossing stuff on Craig's List to see what they can get for it. Reminds me a bit of eBay when it was still fairly new although eBay in the early days didn't even come close to approaching the weirdness of Craig's List in either variety or oddity.

Happily, on CL there between the couches for sale, some seriously twisted personal ads, rants about ex-wives, politics, and a zillion other things that people have (or should keep hidden) in the garage or basement are motorcycle ads. More and more motorcycle people are turning first to CL to post ads or shop for a bike simply because of the incredible variety of bikes being sold and the chance to maybe, just maybe, snag the deal of a lifetime.

I used to love to read CycleTrader.com but it was slow to load, had limited search capability, and the pictures were too small. Craig's List at least loads fast. Best of all, since CL is free and CycleTrader.com is now expensive, plenty of people list that old or unused bike or gear on CL, sometimes having no idea what their original condition Ducati 350 scrambler is or what it's worth.

Of course some folks have a seriously distorted idea of what their used bike is worth and some just don't have a clue. Mostly it's just fun to browse through and see what interesting or unique bikes might be found even if I'm not in the market to buy anything.

Here's a couple of examples of how good and how odd CL motorcycle ads can be all in one day:

A Moto Guzzi Quota. The "goose" Quota is a seldom seen adventure bike version just right for the rider who wants to be different and doesn't care if he can ever get parts or not. I almost traded a bunch of guns for a Quota once. Sort of sorry I didn't but I'd probably still be waiting for the new brake caliper it needed. Still, the Quota is cool.

Now, my favorite today: One of the oddest motorcycle ads I've seen yet. Anyone care to lease their sport bike to a newbie rider?

In case you can't make out the text in the picture, here it is:

"I want to lease your Sports Bike* - $1000 (Scottsdale)

Reply to:
Date: 2008-06-07, 5:06PM MST

I am in Scottsdale until Aug 26th and I want to pay you $1000 cash upfront to rent your motorcycle for the summer. I will also pay you an extra $300 if you teach me how to ride. I will only be driving it back n forth to work - 2.5 miles.

NO scooters please. I'm interested in a Honda GSXR/CBR, Yamaha R6 or bikes of that sort.

Please respond with options/deals/info and pics ASAP. "

Yup, if you need a fast $1000 you might want to jump on that one right after you answer that e-mail from the former prince in Nigeria.

Looking is fun, buying and selling on Craig's List (I've done both) is like anything on-line these days: Caveat emptor.


"Joker" said...

I suppose you can't blame the kid for trying.

Personally, I've always felt asking a man if you can ride his motorcycle is about the same as wanting to wear his underpants, or sleep with his sister. You just don't go there.

If he really wanted to ride, he could pick up a used bike for that thousand bucks and teach himself to ride it. That's how I started - my '81 CB650 Custom was about $600 bucks with no pipes on it. Yep, you're right. If it's bizarre, chances are it'll be on CL.

Demonio Pellegrino said...

sounds like a scam to me...

The quota is nice, but as you say, parts are impossible to find. And when I say impossible I mean impossible.

if you like that type of bike though, watch out for the new Moto Morini Granpasso. I am barfing over that bike. Really.

cool blog, by the way. I was in Arizona once. I loved it.

FLHX_Dave said...

heh, sounds too good to be true. I'm waiting to see if someone actually takes him up on the offer. Someone has to have a bike in the garage they never ride. Might as well put it to good use and hope the insurance will spot for the new one after it's trashed, or better yet, used in a crime as the get away vehicle. bye bye birdie.

Crusty said...

I have owned some "interesting" bikes in my day...but never a Guzzi. HHmmm....one day!

Ann said...

Nice! He doesn't know how to ride, but wants to 'rent' a GSXR? Unbelievable!

I found your blog through FLXH Dave over at Road Grits Cafe. Nice blog!

I'm in AZ, too. It's getting a bit hot to ride now, though! :)

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