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Monday, May 05, 2008

Recommended Reading

I received an e-mail from Prateek Sadhukhan, who writes the Life and Motorcycle blog in India, asking if he could link to my blog. Usually I get requests from people asking me to link to their blog and then find they are some shallow effort only recycling old motorcycle news and selling Viagra or dirty pictures. Pass on those. Happily, I am pleased to be linked to Life and Motorcycle because it represents what is to me amongst the best in motorcycle blogging.

I wrote back to Pratreek:

Hello Prateek,

You are most certainly welcome to link to my blog and I would be pleased to return the favor and link to yours. I spent a little time reading about your adventures and enjoyed it a great deal. I will certainly read more. I was discussing with friends the other day the commonality of motorcycling, the shared experience that ties motorcyclists around the world together regardless of nation, religion, or type of machine ridden. For those of us riding in the West your blog is excellent proof of that fact. I think all world political and religious leaders should be required to ride motorcycles regularly. Many would learn more about respect for their fellow Man, life, and a few would be usefully eliminated by the process of Darwin's natural selection theory.

Safe journeys



Anonymous said...

Well he got a new subscription from me. I'm a ride report addict :)

Drifter said...

Thanks a lot Doug for your kind words. That really made my day :).


Ronman said...

I loved the comment about Darwin.......so true so true.......


Unknown said...

I enjoy his site a great deal, as well!

Stephen said...

Cool site, cool bikes, great pictures. I'm going to put this one in my favorites list.

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