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Monday, April 28, 2008

Scary Moment

No one rides a motorcycle for very many years without having a close call or two. Someone turning left in front of you, a bit of oil on the road, over cooking it into a turn and having to pray the tires hold their grip. It happens to all of us now and again and mostly it doesn't frighten me much these days. After so many years on the road the instincts and automatic reactions are pretty good. I don't scare easily. But today at work I had a genuine moment of panic. On the shelf by my desk sits a countdown clock left over from the 2000 millennium countdown nonsense and now reconfigured to act as a count down to retirement clock for some of us in the office. In our office I'm the third possessor of the clock, the third to count down the days to whatever comes next. My time is counting down.

So today I got back to my desk and glanced at my semi-official retirement clock and the LCD display was blank!

The implications made my blood run cold.

Had I been able to retire and missed it? Did it mean I could not ever retire? Did it mean I had died, not made it to Heaven, and this was now my eternal punishment? Turned out to be a dead battery in the clock.

Whew, that was a close one.


Anonymous said...

LOL. That's funny... I was expecting some horror story on the road....

Doug C said...

I bet seeing that blank clock took a few seconds off your life. Yes, that was too close!

Good one, Doug.

Unknown said...

So how many days until the official day

FLHX_Dave said...

Heh, the reckoning. Hey, where can I get one of those batteries, I need to restart the clock on my life. Somehow, I think you are one of those guys who is going to have a legendary retirement, the kind most only dream about.

Doug Klassen said...

Thanks for the comments, guys.

Rick, the number on the clock was accurate yesterday. Feb.28, 2009, 4:30 PM is the expected departure date. I'm waiting now to see if I can keep from screwing up too terribly much and thus blow the whole thing just before the finish line.

flhx_dave, I actually have a very mild and modest retirement planned. The bikes are paid for, the truck is paid for, the ATV is paid for, the trailer is paid for. Unfortunately I'll have to go get another full time job just so I can put fuel in the vehicles and go somewhere except I'll be working so I won't have any time off. Oh the irony!


Crusty said...

Well done Doug.... i envy you! In this day and age being able to while still in good health is HUGE! I dream of it myself, but its looking more and more like i'll be slinging sparkplugs into my 70s! -Ride on my friend

Ronman said...

I keep having the images from that Twilight episode of the man running around the streets say where is everybody? Where'd everybody goooooooooooooo?


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